1st Birthday Party Ideas

ew birthdays are as special as the first. Parents want the first birthday to be memorable, so they need an extraordinary party. That’s why they start brainstorming for 1st birthday party ideas well before the special day arrives. Brainstorming sessions typically include ideas for invitations, games and cakes. If you can find something for these three categories, you will have an amazing first birthday party for your child. Also see themed birthday ideas, kids birthday party ideas

1st Birthday Invitations

Invitations lay the groundwork for a memorable birthday party. The right invitations get your guests into the party spirit. Choose personalized 1st birthday party invitations so your guests will immediately know the party is for your special little boy or girl. Be sure to include:

A picture of your child
The child’s name
All of the party information
You can get these invitations made for you or you can use Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher to create your own.

Birthday Party Games

Once the last invitation is sent, you need to think about 1st birthday party games. You’ll need to pick different games for a first party than you would for a party for an older child. Consider games and activities like:

Story time
Wagon rides
Finger painting
These games are interactive and fun for young children. Your young guests can play together and have a great time without any pressure. Best of all, the parents will have ample opportunities to take some adorable snapshots while the kids are finger painting or riding around the yard in a wagon.

Birthday Party Cakes

Once the games are over, everyone will want to eat cake. Parents have lots of options for 1st birthday cakes. You can choose cupcakes since babies love the easy to handle treats, or you can go with a large tiered cake. If you choose a large cake, consider using bright, bold colors that will grab the attention of the guests. Also, you can use cake toppers such as rattles and other small toys. The kids will love these extras, and they will look great in the pictures.

1st Birthday Cake Icing

Along with the style of cake, consider the icing. Parents love snapping pictures of their one year olds making a mess with their first birthday cake. If you want to have that photo opportunity, choose a cake with lots of gooey icing. This will make it easy for your baby to make a mess and have a great time tackling that first cake. Moreover, the picture will turn into some good blackmail during your child’s teenage years. If he doesn’t do his chores, you’ll take that messy picture out and show his significant other.

The first birthday should be one to remember. Throw your baby the perfect party so he or she will have memories to cherish. With the right invitations, games and cake, you won’t have anything to worry about. You can sit back and relax, since you know your party will be a success and you will have memories that will last a lifetime.

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