21st Birthdays – Great Parties for the New Adult

While people are officially adults when they turn 18, their 21st birthday is the true rite of passage into adulthood. Because of that, a 21st birthday should be special. Nothing says special and fun quite like a Vegas style 21st birthday party. With the right preparations, you can party the night away Vegas style.

Set up a Bar
What would Las Vegas be without free flowing alcohol? Make sure you have a bar set up and fully stocked. If you want to give your guests the full Vegas experience, they need to see it with their beer goggles on. Stock the bar with beer, liquor and wine.

You can also ask people to bring their beverage of choice and place it behind the bar. This will make it more affordable for you. Of course, you can get some of your money back after a night of gambling, so don’t worry too much about the cost.
Hire Someone to Tend Bar

If you have a relative that wants to help make your birthday extra special, ask them to tend bar for you at the event. They can go around and fill drink orders, just like the real Vegas. Make sure to give them a tip jar so they can make a few bucks while they’re hard at work. Also, have them dress up as a waiter or waitress to make the Vegas experience more authentic.

Hire Dealers
Other family members can get in on the fun as dealers. Have them come in and deal their favorite game. They might get to take home some money in tips, and they will add to the experience. Dress them up like real dealers, and if they know any dealer tricks, encourage them to use them. Let them get into character during the birthday bash.

Have Games
You need to have tables set up. Have a blackjack table, poker, and even craps. Set up as many Vegas games as possible and keep the party fun. Give guests lots of options so they can move from one table to the next while they try out their luck.

Place Your Bets
Once everyone is there, let the fun begin. Have people place their bets and get started don the Vegas vacation of a lifetime. You don’t have to have a high stakes game to have fun. You can even just use free chips.

Tips for the Perfect Vegas Themed Party
– Make sure everyone at the party is over 21. There is no need to invite the police during your 21st birthday celebration.
– Have games available for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money gambling. A nickel poker table is a great way to have everyone in on the fun.
– Don’t feel required to use money at all. It can be a night of fun and cards without exchanging hands.
– If you play for money, put the money won by the house in a pot. Use it to replenish the bar and then have a raffle. The winner takes home the pot.

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