30th Birthday Party Themes

30th birthday party themes create an all new atmosphere for a party. It also makes it much easier to come up with decorating, food, and game ideas. When choosing from the many 30th birthday party themes, keep in mind what the guest-of-honor’s hobbies and personal interests are and what type of personality he/she has. You do not want to choose one of the 30th birthday party themes that will make him/her uncomfortable. You want to ensure he/she is comfortable enough to join in the fun activities you have planned. Also see 30th Birthday Decorating ideas, 80’s 30th birthday party

Reversal Party

This is just a fun way to celebrate the 30th birthday and is perfect for that shy person who does not want to be dancing around, doing the limbo, or playing charades. It gives the party a theme, yet does not really embarrass the guest-of-honor. Make an upside down cake by frosting the cake and turning it upside down. Put the candles in upside down. Ask everyone to wear the clothes on inside out. This is what really gets the people laughing. Throw in items that have the number 30 and hang them upside down.

Under the Sea

The 30th birthday is considered the “pearl year.” A great party to match the “pearl year” is to have a party focusing on the sea. Decorating for this party is easy and has significance to the 30th birthday. You can actually transform a room into the sea in minutes by just adding fish, sand, oysters, shells, etc. A great centerpiece is to have an oyster with a pearl in its shell.

Spa Party

This is great for women and men. What woman doesn’t like a relaxing facial, manicure, and pedicure? What man doesn’t love a massage? This is the perfect party for a smaller group. Make reservations ahead of time. Tell them that you are celebrating a 30th birthday party. Many times, the spa will provide a nice healthy lunch with some wine. This is a 30th birthday to remember. The guests will likely need to pay for their own treatments, but if possible throw in something for them, such as their favorite color nail polish or maybe a free treatment of some type. This is why you will want to reserve this party for very close friends and family.

Costume Party

While a costume party is a theme in itself, it also allows you to create more themes within a theme. In fact, you will want to decide on a theme for your costume party to give the guests an idea of how they should dress. Some ideas to consider are: cartoon characters, Hawaiian, western style, sports, professionals, Victorian, etc.

Other 30th Birthday Party Themes

Hawaiian Luau Party
Mardi Gras Party
80s Party
Karaoke Party
James Bond Casino Royale Party (See details in our article “James Bond Theme Party – Casino Royale”
There are many different 30th birthday party themes you can use. 30th birthday party themes make the party that much more fun and that much more memorable for everyone.

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