A New Look at Princess Party Ideas

A birthday is a perfect time for a little girl to feel as special as a princess, and with a little planning a Princess Party can make a young girl feel as though she’s living in a fairytale. The following is a list of details that will help insure your party will be a success, and the birthday girl will experience a princess’s life at least for a day.

Use lots of glitter when decorating for a princess party. If you choose, instead of buying tablecloths with a princess theme, use white table cloths and sprinkle brightly colored sequins down the center. For centerpieces, you can use colorful balloons or buy tiny cardboard castles to serve as table decorations. Little crystal dishes of colorful m&m’s will also do the trick. The point is to make the decorations bight and colorful, something fit for a princess.

Soft pink cushions on each chair can create a feeling of royalty. Make sure that the birthday girl’s pillow is a little fluffier than the others since she will be sitting on her throne. You may even decide to make the special cushion out of velvet. Take every opportunity to make your princess feel more special than she ever has.

No princess party is complete without tiaras. By placing the tiaras next to each place setting, you can add more sparkle to the table. Another suggestion would be to make tiaras or crowns out of poster board and write each name in glitter. By doing so, you have a pretty way to show your seating arrangement.

Princess Party invitations can be obtained at any party store, but if you wish you can easily make your own. Cut out shapes such as castles, slippers, or crowns and decorate them with glitter pens. Another idea is to put a picture of the birthday girl on the card and indicate that Princess Mary or Princess Susie is going to be a year older.

Glitter pens are useful whether filling in the blanks on prepared invitations or preparing original invitations.
It’s up to you about how official you want this birthday party announcement to sound. You can write one that sounds like a royal edict if you choose.

You can provide a variety of dress up clothes for the guests when they arrive. The children will have fun picking out the perfect costume for the party. Girls love to play dress up and will enjoy wearing fancy clothes and shoes. It won’t matter if they are way too big. It’s also a good idea to include fancy scarves and hats. Feathered boas are always a must at dress up parties, and you can pick those up at any party supply store.

Prepare a glittery supply of costume jewelry for your guests. You may place it in a clear bowl so the sparkles are evident, or you may decide to make individual bags for each guest. In either case, each little girl will want to adorn her outfit with jewelry, so have plenty of baubles on hand.

Princess parties, of course, seem to indicate that the games will not be rowdy. Usually guests play games like pin the crown on the princess, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

After the royal dinner is concluded, there’s nothing wrong with the guests changing into play clothes and heading outside for some Olympic competition.

Give your princess a special party. Girls only get to be princesses for a short time, so make her birthday memorable.

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