Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Creative and Practical for Guests

These baby shower gift ideas are not only practical, but are creative and fun to put together. Baby shower gift ideas can be practical or unique. The parents-to-be will not only appreciate the practical gifts, but will love to get a few “unpractical” gifts they can cherish, such as frames, glass baby feet, hand print clay mixture, etc.

Practical and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

– Special Time Baby Shower Gifts – The host assigns each guest a specific time of day in a baby’s life. Different ideas to include are: bath time, bedtime, story time, feeding time, cuddle time, etc. This is a fun way for the parents-to-be to receive the gifts and avoids duplication of gifts.

– Diaper Cakes – This is a creative, yet practical gift that the mom-to-be will love. Its ingredients do not include flour and frosting. Instead, diaper cakes have more unique ingredients, such as diapers, nail cutters, bottles, shampoo, and any other essential baby items. See our article, “Baby Shower Diaper Cake – Step by Step Instructions” for a simple, yet special diaper cake.

– Organic Baby Gifts – These gifts are perfect for any mom-to-be. There are many organic baby shower gifts to choose from. Many of the traditional baby brands contain toxins, dyes, and heavy metals that are not healthy for a newborn. Buy products that are certified organic cotton clothing, bedding, or BPA free baby bottles. Consider making this a theme for the baby shower and give suggestions of baby gift ideas for guests. They will appreciate the ideas.

– Mommy-to-Be Tote – Mom-to-be is going to be opening many cute gifts for her baby. Why not throw in a special gift for the mom-to-be? A mommy-to-be tote is perfect. Pack it with everything she will need for the hospital and more. Include items, such as deodorant, slippers, soft and cozy socks, make-up kit, lip gloss, Q-tips, her favorite gum, her favorite CD or DVD, a hair tie, etc. Include a journal and pen so she can record all those who visited, what they said, and if anything extra funny happened on the day of the baby’s birth. This is a special gift that she will appreciate and can share with her baby one day. Make sure to ask someone what her favorite brands are so you are not purchasing things she will not use.

– Baby Car Kit – This is one of the best baby shower gift ideas for guests to give to the parents-to-be. It is something they can leave in the car and not have to worry if they happen to forget to pack something in the baby bag. Include items, such as pacifiers, a thermometer, bottle, formula, liners, nail clipper kit, washcloth, hair brush, dirty diaper bags, outfit, burp cloth, nasal aspirator, diapers, wipes, travel size shampoo, diaper lotion, baby lotion, baby powder and baby wash. They will have everything they need at their fingertips.

These baby shower gift ideas are fun and practical and the parents-to-be will truly appreciate your creativity in giving them something they can actually use for their precious new baby.

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