Be a Hero with a Batman Theme Birthday Party

If your child wants to tap into his inner superhero, a Batman theme party is just want he needs. Batman is just as popular today as he was generations ago, and a Batman themed party is something kids love. You can throw the perfect party and give your child a birthday to remember.

Set the mood for the party by using the right invitations. While you could get standard store bought Batman invitations, it is much more fun to make the invitations at home with your child. That will give him a chance to be a part of the process.

Cut out a bat from construction paper. Fold in the wings of the bat to close the invitation and write the party details inside. Your child will love being a part of the invitation process and the guests will enjoy receiving bats in their mailboxes.

You can create Gotham City right in your home. Have cutouts of tall skyscrapers like the ones in the Batman movies. Surround the children with the buildings, and then have a bat symbol hanging up. Be sure to place some villains around the room. You can have the Joker and Two Face cutouts all over Gotham City. Do not worry about putting Batman up, though. Your child can dress as Batman, as can guests is you desire.

Party Games
The list for Batman party games is endless. One great game is Riddle Me This. Act as if you are the Riddle. Come up with riddles and have the kids solve them. The one who solves them first get the prize.

You can also have the guests try to foil the villains. You can play a game of hide and seek, only use villains and good guys. Dress up as the Joker or one of the other villains and then hide. Then, the guests can seek you out. You can even leave clues around to make it more fun. After the guests find you, you can give someone else a villain costume and have them hide.

Winners of hide and seek can also receive a prize. The prizes can be small items, such as action figures, bat signals, or other items that will go well with the party theme. You don’t have to spend much on party favors. Little kids get excited, even when the prize is small.

Use finger foods for this party. This is more of an action party than a sit down party, so you want to make sure the kids are free to do as they want. A Bat Cave cake is perfect. Also, you can name the foods you choose after batman characters. They can have Joker Fries and Penguin Burgers.

A Batman party is great fun for kids. Be sure to plan the party accordingly so the children will have lots of fun. With the right planning, the theme will be a hit.

Remember, a Batman themed birthday party does not have to be expensive. If you use your creativity, you will be able to save money and still provide the perfect party for your child.

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