Beach Party Ideas for a Memorable Birthday Party for Kids

These beach party ideas will help you transform your city or country backyard into a beach paradise. Kids’ birthday parties can be unique. You can create a beach themed backyard bash, even without a large pool. It is all about sending out the beach party invitations, creating a beach themed party scene, wearing costume beach attire, eating beach themed party food, and playing the beach activities.

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Birthday Invitations – Beach Style
There are many different types of unique party invitations you can purchase online or even make yourself. When writing the beach birthday party details, make sure to tell them to wear their suits or other costume beach clothes. Here are just a few ideas for birthday invitations:

Beach Ball Invitations
Purchase a small beach ball. Write down the beach theme party details and put into an envelope with instructions to blow up the beach ball.

Frisbee Beach Invitations
Purchase a Frisbee and write the beach theme birthday party details in permanent marker. Hand -deliver the invitations. You can also make your own Frisbee out of card-stock and mail them.

Flip Flop Invitations
Cut out a flip flop shape out of card stock. Make a hole with a hole-punch over the edge of the flip flop shape in the center. Cut out two 3-inch strands of ribbon. On the back of the flip flop, place a drop of glue on the right edge towards the middle.

Place the inside edge of the ribbon against the glue. Slide the free end of the ribbon through the hole at the center of the flip flop. Repeat these steps on the left edge of the flip flop. Put a drop of glue beneath the hole on the back side of the flip flop. Put the ribbon onto the glue.

Cut out a rectangle slightly larger than your flip flop out of a different colored card stock. Place drops of glue on the back of the flip flop. Attach to the rectangle. Write beach birthday details on the back of the card stock.

Board Shorts and Tropical Flower Invitations
This is similar to the flip flop. Cut out either board shorts or a tropical flower pattern from colored card stock. Cut out a rectangle slightly larger than the board shorts or tropical flower. Glue the shape onto the rectangle and write the themed birthday party information on the back of the rectangle.

Beach Party Decorating
Out of all of the unique party themes available, party decorations for a beach party are some of the most fun to create and set up. You can create a city beach right in your backyard. If you do not have a sandbox, fill up a wading pool with sand and sand toys. Create a sandcastle; however, expect it to be demolished once the children arrive! Here are some more interesting beach party decorating ideas:

Scatter beach balls, beach umbrellas, and lawn chairs throughout your yard.

Hang extra bathing suits and beach towels on the fence.

Put a wading pool at the bottom of the slide and put a hose at the top to allow the water to run down into the pool. Make sure there is someone watching the kids while they slide down. This one is a big beach party hit.

Cut out a cardboard surf board and decorate it or allow the kids to decorate as an activity.

Create a beach scene on poster board. Include the ocean, sand, a surfer, shark, dolphin, etc. Attach to your garage door with a special sign that says “Beach Party This Way” pointing in the direction of your back yard.

Fill up a sand pail full of sun screen.

Table decorations and themed party supplies can include seashells, snorkel masks, sunglasses, and starfish. There are also plastic table cloths available with many different beach design options. Add in some fun beach party music and the scene is set.
Beach Party Birthday Food

Here are just a few ideas for a beach themed kids’ birthday party:

Beach Theme Party Lunch Main Course – Sea Monster Sandwich


2 cans of refrigerated crusty French loaf (such as Pillsbury)
1 tablespoon mayonnaise or salad dressing
1 to 2 leaves leaf lettuce
4 oz thinly sliced cooked ham
3 slices of mozzarella cheese cut in half
2 small pimiento stuffed olives
Roasted red bell pepper


Heat oven to 350 degrees.
Grease a large cookie sheet.
Place the dough seam side down onto the cookie sheet in the shape of an “S”.
Cut a 1 inch deep horizontal cut on one end of the dough. This is for the mouth.
Crumble up a small piece of foil to form a one inch ball. Grease the foil and put it in the mouth to keep the mouth open during baking.
Bake for approximately 26 minutes. Cool for 15 minutes.
Cut the bread in half horizontally. Spread mayo onto the cut sides.
Add lettuce, ham, and cheese in between the halves.
With toothpicks, add olives for eyes. The roasted red pepper is supposed to resemble flames so put into the mouth.

Beach Theme Party Dinner Main Course – Octopus Hot Dogs
This is perfect for a beach party. Slice the hot dog in half lengthwise. Leave two inches connected at one end. Roll the hot dog 90 degrees. Slice until you have four legs (always leave the two inches at the same end for the head).

To make the next four legs, simply cut the legs you have in half. Place the hot dog with arms spread on a plate and microwave for 30 to 40 seconds. This will make the arms curl up and plump up the head. You can serve this beach themed kids’ party food over macaroni and cheese or baked beans.

Beach Theme Party Drink – Ocean Blue Smoothie
There are many recipes for blueberry smoothies. Here is a simple one that kids are sure to love at your beach themed party. Simply blend a carton of blueberry yogurt, one cup of milk, one cup of frozen or fresh blueberries, and ½ cup of ice cubes together in a blender until smooth. Poor the smoothie into tiki cups to add to that beach party theme.

Beach Theme Party Healthy Snack – Beach Ball Veggie Tray
On a circular platter, place a bowl of dip at the top of the platter to resemble the top circle of the beach ball. To create the dividing lines between sections on the beach ball, add carrots and slices of red peppers. Add slices of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and yellow pepper slices for the colored parts of the beach ball.

Beach Theme Party Dessert – Sand Castle Cake
A sand castle cake is the perfect kids’ birthday cake for a beach themed birthday party. You can purchase castle cake pans and molds online and in bakeries. There are many different recipes you can use online for a unique sand castle creation. Try using crushed vanilla wafers to use as the sand and edible sea shells and starfish.

Party Games

Musical Beach Towels
This is the same as musical chairs only without the chairs. Play some fun beach music, such as: “Good Vibrations,” “Walking on Sunshine,” “Under the Boardwalk,” or “Wipeout”.

All you need for this is a broom stick and beach party music. Choose from the songs listed above or you can find many beach themed songs online.

Costume Beach Dress-Up Relay
Gather a variety of costume beach clothes and accessories and put them in the center of hula hoops. Consider over-sized Hawaiian style shirts, swim trunks, floppy hats, leis, goggles, grass skirts, and beach bags.

Once they have all the clothes on they must do the hula hoop three times and pose for a picture. Once the picture is taken, they can take off all the clothes and run to the next person in line. The picture makes a perfect thank-you card.

Coconut Bowling
This is a really fun beach themed game for people of all ages. Add colored sand or colored water to empty two liter soda bottles. Use a coconut for the ball and have fun bowling.

Pass up the traditional birthday venues and surprise your child with a beach party. We hope these beach party ideas help you create a memorable beach party birthday.

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