Birthday Parties for Boys: What you need to Know

Creating a successful birthday party for boys is pretty easy as long as you plan ahead. Pre planning allows you to relax during the party and keeps you from being overwhelmed with energetic guests expecting a fun day of activities.

Time Line
Start thinking about your party early. A couple months ahead is not too early to start thinking about what you want to do. You want to send your invitations out at least two weeks before the date scheduled. If you plan to rent a special place, be sure to check early. Popular sites are often booked early.

Shop for paper goods and party supplies a couple weeks before the big event and keep two days before the party open for picking up and preparing food.

Invitations should capture the theme of the party, so before shopping you need to have a specific theme in mind. You can either purchase or make your own invitations. Party supply stores have an abundance of choices. Still, those of you who possess creative talent and time may wish to make them.

Children sometimes like to participate in creating the invitations, either by filling them out or by putting decorative stickers on them. It can be a lot of fun for both you and your child if you include them selecting and preparing the invitations.

It’s important that you choose activities that are appropriate for the age of your guests. Younger children have shorter attentions spans, so you’ll need to plan a variety of activities to keep them actively engaged in the party. Plan extra activities in case you need them. It’s better to have too many than not enough.

The theme of the party ties everything together. You choose your decorations and your invitations to coordinate with the theme, so choose your theme carefully. The following are excellent choices for parties for boys.

– Super Hero Theme – Every little boy has a super hero. Wouldn’t it be fun to have the children dress as their favorite super hero? You could plan activities to support the super hero theme. Which super hero can run the fastest, jump the farthest, etc. I can picture times when you may even want to play “which super hero can sit quietly the longest.”

– Treasure Hunt Theme – This idea takes a little more time to plan, but it provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to practice team work. Prepare treasure maps and have the kids work in teams to find the treasure. Be sure to get several parents to help supervise since you may have several groups following different maps. With a little extra time, you can prepare maps for both inside and outside, so you won’t have to worry about inclement weather.

– Construction Site Theme – Think of the fun little boys can have at a construction site. Put little orange vests on each child and let the adults be the constructions site supervisors. You can divide the kids into teams with building blocks and see which team can build the highest structure. You can put obstacles in the yard, and have one child guide a blindfolded guest through the construction site by giving him directions.

There are plenty of themes geared toward birthday parties for boys. Just remember to plan ahead and be prepared. Little boys are full of energy, and they expect lots of action at their parties.

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