Candy Land Party – Create a Whimsical Birthday Celebration for your Little One

Bring your child’s favorite game to life with a magical Candy Land party. These simple, colorful kids’ party ideas will help you create a captivating atmosphere for your party guests. Gumdrops, lollipops, gingerbread men, and a charming rainbow path are just the beginning for this candy themed birthday!
Birthday Party Invitations

If you want your little party guests to be excited to come to your rainbow birthday party, try making one of these colorful custom invitations. Some of them can be mailed while others will need to be hand delivered.

Hand Delivered Custom Invitations

Jelly Bean Invitation – Fill up an empty jar with jelly beans. Paint the lid in bright colors. Cut four strips evenly out of 8 ½” x 11” colored scrapbook paper. Write the party details on the paper. Make a hole in the upper left corner of each strip with a hole-punch and insert a ribbon through the hole. Tie the ribbon to the jar.

Lollipops Invitation – Write party details onto a small piece of colorful scrapbook paper. Put a hole into the upper left corner and insert a ribbon through it. Tie to giant lollipops. Add in more ribbons. Curl all of the ribbons.

Custom Invitations to be Mailed

Gingerbread Invitation – Cut gingerbread men out of brown scrapbook paper. Have your little one help decorate the gingerbread men. Write the details for the party on the back. Decorate the envelopes with a colorful path. Remember to leave room for the address.

Rainbow Winding Path Invitation – Cut 8 ½”x 11 white cardstock in half. Fold these pieces in half. Cut small squares out of colored scrapbook paper to resemble the path on the game board. Apply candy stickers all along the path. Write party details at the end of the path.

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