Cinco de Mayo: Exciting Activities

These activities for Cinco de Mayo are great for kids and adults. They are perfect activities for Cinco de Mayo, and your guests will have a blast playing them. Be sure to check out drinks for Cinco de Mayo.

Sombrero Pass
This activity for Cinco de Mayo is fun for kids and adults. Have everyone sit in a circle. Put on some Mexican music and pass around a sombrero. They must put the sombrero on their head for one second. When the music stops, the person wearing the sombrero is out of the game. Before he/she leaves the circle, he/she must get up and dance in the circle. After the next person is out, then the person who is in the circle will leave and be replaced by the person who just got out.

Everyone can play this activity for Cinco de Mayo. With a little music, a stick, and two poles, your guests will be showing off their flexibility or “lack of” flexibility. For each person, start with the stick about eye height. Each person should cross under the stick without touching it – face forward. After each round, place the stick a little lower. The person who is last wins.
Mexican Kickball Obstacle Course

This activity for Cinco de Mayo is a traditional game played in Mexican villages. Divide up your guests into two teams. Create an obstacle course that the teams can kick a ball through without using their hands. The first team to get through the obstacle course first wins.
Dance, Dance, Dance!

Learn how to do the Macarena Dance or the Mexican Hat Dance before your party. Then teach these two dances at your party. If there are people that already know the dance, promote them to be a teacher. Your guests will love this activity for Cinco de Mayo and will be able to teach others these dances.

Mexican Piñata
This activity for Cinco de Mayo is simply a tradition that you cannot pass by. Either make a piñata or buy one. There are many different Mexican themed piñatas. Fill it with candy and add in a blindfold and stick, and your guests will have a blast trying to be the one to break the piñata.

Spanish Word Game
Give everyone a list of Spanish words. Try not to make the words too difficult and choose words that have a link to English words. The person who guesses the most right wins.
Cinco de Mayo Craft – Mexican Maracas

The kids at your party will love to put together these Mexican Maracas. Adults might like to make them, as well. This is a simple and fun craft that is not only fun to make, but can also be a great activity for Cinco de Mayo. It will take some time to allow for drying, so it is best to start the project early in the party.


2 Styrofoam or paper cups
Acrylic paint
Decorative accents (pom-poms, buttons, stickers, etc.)
Hot glue gun
Dried beans or pennies


Paint the cups. Allow to dry.
Put a handful of dried beans or pennies into one of the cups.
Put a layer of hot glue onto the rim of the cup. (Make sure an adult helps with this step.)
Once dry, decorate some more with stickers or glue on accents.
After maracas are completely dry, shake them.

These activities for Cinco de Mayo will ensure that everyone has a great time at your party.

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