Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

These Cinco de Mayo party ideas will help you host a festive party that will allow your guests to celebrate the victory of the much smaller Mexican army over a larger French army in the state of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Try these Cinco de Mayo party ideas for your celebration party.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas – Invitations
There are many printable invitations online, or you can make your own invitations. You can find a variety of Mexican themed cardstock at scrapbooking stores. Choose one of these and create a card. Add stickers or die cuts of sombreros, chili peppers, maracas, or any other Mexican themed embellishments to your cardstock. Be sure to include all of the basic information for your party. Throw in some confetti to get your guests excited for your party.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas – Decorations
Festive decorations will help you create an atmosphere that will make everyone feel as if they are right there in Mexico. Here are some Cinco de Mayo party decorations ideas:

Chili Pepper Wreath – Hang a chili pepper wreath around your door. You can find one of these at your local import store or at a world food market. If you can’t find one, try making one yourself.

Mexican Banner – Banners are a great way to greet your guests. Try making your own banner with a Mexican theme.

Lights – Hang fiesta lights all around the house. Hang them around the buffet, the bar, and along doorways.

Balloons – Balloons of different colors, especially, green, white, and red, are perfect for any celebration. Green, white, and red are the colors of the Mexican flag.

Foil Danglers – These are great to hang from the ceiling.

Sombreros – You can’t have a Cinco de Mayo party without sombreros! Use sombreros for your table centerpiece or just have around the house for people to wear.

Colorful Blankets – Mexican blankets will add color and enhance your Mexican atmosphere. Hang them on the walls, drape them over chairs, or use them as a tablecloth. These blankets bring all your Cinco de Mayo party ideas together to create the perfect Mexican theme.

Mexican Themed Table Decorations – Use fiesta themed paper goods and cactus margarita glasses. Put some fiesta tinsel garland around the table. For a pretty centerpiece, use colorful vases filled with festive colorful flowers. Add in some maracas to the table.

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas – Food

There are a variety of Mexican snacks that can be served at your party. Consider a Mexican buffet where everyone can try a little bit of everything. Some foods to include in your buffet. Also, don’t forget the delicious Cinco de Mayo drinks.

Chicken fajitas
Warm flour tortillas
Chili con queso
Tortilla soup
Mexican rice
Black bean and corn salsa
Three-milk cake
Spicy cheese
Taco meat
Salsa Fresca
Chunky guacamole
Marinated avocado
Mexican stuffed tomatoes
Mexican fiesta dip
Lime tortilla chips

Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas – Activities
Games and activities are a great way to spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Here are some activities you can have at your party:

Hot Pepper Eating Contest – The object of this game is to see how many hot peppers your guests can eat. Buy mildly hot peppers, such as: pepperoncini, banana peppers, and pimentos. Some of your guests may like the very hot peppers. So, you will want to buy some hot peppers, such as: jalapenos, chili, and polano peppers. Give your guests a glass of milk to help with the burn of the peppers.

Bull Piñata – These are great to hang. Everyone loves to try to be the one to break open the piñata.

Mexican Dance Contest – Put on some Latin fiesta music. Have anyone who does not want to dance be a judge.

These Cinco de Mayo party ideas are just a few ideas to get you started. Be creative and you can come up with some unique Cinco de Mayo party ideas of your own.

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