Country Fun with a John Deere Party

Little boys love tractors, and you can give them the time of the lives by throwing a John Deere birthday party. A John Deer party lets little boys be close to their favorite piece of equipment, and they are also incredibly easy to throw. See Also our birthday party ideas main section or use our search top right.

Start the party off on the right foot with some tractor invitations. Make it a fun activity for your child by having him decorate the invitations. He can color them in with his favorite tractor color, and even write John Deere or another tractor name in on the invitations. He will be excited because he will get to help and the kids will enjoy getting a fun and personalized invitation.

The decorations should make the party look like a farm. Get some hay and scatter it around the outside. A scarecrow will add a nice effect. You can put some barrels up as well to add to the effect.
Also, decorate with toy tractors. If you have a real tractor, pull it out in the yard.

Party Games
If you have a tractor, be sure to give the guests tractor rides. If you do not have a tractor but have a riding lawn mower, use it to give rides. Take the kids around the yard and then pick up the next one.

If you don’t have a tractor or riding lawn mower, do not despair. There are other fun party games your guests can take part in. Create a Scarecrow is on of the best games for a John Deere party. The kids will get to be creative and they are certain to have a lot of fun with this game.

Use old clothes and get some hay. Set up poles for the scarecrow and then let the kids get to work. They can dress the scarecrow and stuff hay in it to give it a shape. After the kids have created their scarecrow, be sure to judge them and come up with a winner. Give the winner a prize. A little toy tractor is the perfect prize for a John Deere party.

Dinner Time
During a John Deer party, the only way to have food is out on the farm. Deliver the food in brown bags and have them eat outside. They will enjoy the authentic meal of a farmer.

Use juice boxes for drinks, and pack sandwiches and chips. These are foods that are easy to eat while a farmer is tending to his farm. He won’t have to take his eyes off his work while he eats.

A John Deere party is a great way to use a kid’s creativity. They can have fun on the farm and be creative at the same time, which makes for the perfect party. This is not the standard birthday party. Instead, it is a party to remember. If you want your child to create memories with a party, this is the right choice. Put your child out on the farm and have a great time with a John Deere birthday party.

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