Creating a Memorable and Magical Lego Inspired Birthday Party

Would your child love the colorful traditional Lego party or does he have his heart set on a Star Wars themed party? These unique party themes can create a memorable and fun birthday party. Each section has a few birthday party ideas for a traditional Lego themed kids’ party and a few birthday party ideas for a Star Wars Lego themed party.
Party Invitations

There are tons of online places that will allow you to customize an invitation for the traditional or Star Wars theme. Creating your own can be very simple and fun.


Make a block shaped (rectangle or square) invitation with the party details. Make sure to choose bright primary colors. Instead of writing down the name of the child, make it a little more interesting. Write down the letters of your child’s name on little pieces of cardstock resembling blocks. The guests will have to put the little pieces together to find out which friend is the birthday party star.

Star Wars

The key to this invitation is the wording. Use wording from the movie, such as: “May the Force be with you at (Party Star Name) Birthday Party”. You can find pictures of the characters and light sabers online to print out to attach to your invitations. Use Star Wars colors, such as black, dark blue, silver, and white.
Lego Birthday Decorations

The birthday decorations are what make it a unique party. There are plenty of traditional and Star Wars themed party supplies found online and in local party stores.

– Use bright primary colors (red, yellow, blue, and green). The decorations you choose will depend on the specific theme, such as: construction, race car, or castle party. Here are just a few different ideas to try:
– Make big blocks out of boxes. Paint the boxes. Cut off 2 inches from the top of colored cups. Glue the bottoms to the boxes to make them look like building blocks.
– Make road signs out of sturdy cardboard. Get creative with the wording. Make a special sign for your child. Have it say “Welcome to (Party Star Name) Lego City”. Make one way signs, street signs (with the guests names), and stop signs.
– Make a “Happy Birthday Banner” out of rectangle card stock using Lego themed font that can be found online or write it yourself.
– Make a castle from corrugated cardboard or find one online to print and cut out.
– Make block goodie bags out of colored bags. Cut 1 ½ inch circles out of cardstock that is a shade or two lighter so they stand out.
– Make straw toppers. Find printable toppers online. Print them on cardstock, cut them out, and tape them to the straws.

Star Wars
– Make a Death Star Piñata – This can serve as a decoration and an activity. Instructions on how to make this Star Wars decoration can be found online.
– Hang light sabers to give your party the true “Jedi Training” experience.
– Have Star Wars toys hanging from the ceiling on fishing line.
– Wrap candy and/or small trinkets in foil and scatter them all over the room to imitate moon rocks. These are great party favors for the kids to take home after the party.
– Create a Jedi birthday banner. Print and attach characters. Be creative and personalize it to make it special for the party star.

Lego Games/Activities

– Build and race Lego Racer car kits. Race them by putting down two of the table legs to create a down slope. Kits can be found in your local dollar store.
– Have a straw race. Spread out a bunch of little pieces on a table. Use a straw to put them onto a plate. The person who gets the most in the specific time wins.
– Play Lego Toss. Make four rings out of blue, green, yellow, and red poster board. Start with a very small ring. The next ring should be slightly bigger than the smaller one with just enough room for the pieces to be tossed into. Continue with the other two in this manner. Label them with numbers. The largest one should be labeled 5, the next one should be 10, the next should 15, and the smallest ring should be 20. The kids throw 10 little pieces. The person with the most points wins the game.
– Play Guess How Many Legos are in the Jar.
– Play Pin the Heart on the Lego Man – Use a blindfold and pin the block on the area where the heart should be.

Star Wars
– Play Hot Saber with Star Wars themed music. Resembles hot potato except use a foam light saber.
– Face the Death Star piñata using a plastic bat designed as a light saber. Tell the kids they have to use the force to defeat the Death Star blindfolded.
– Create a Jedi Training Course. Kids can crawl under a rope on their belly. Guests can walk blindfolded from one area to another until they touch a specific Star Wars object. Make sure it is an open and grassy area. Set up a tire run. Shoot a squirt gun stream through a hole in a piece of cardboard. Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. Set up a cargo net for kids to climb.
– Play Pin the Blast on the Starship.

Food ideas

There are many unique recipes for this themed birthday party that can be found online. Some ideas to consider:

– Peanut Butter and Honey Lego Sandwiches
– Lego Man Cheese Sandwiches
– Cracker Stackers and Cheese
– Watermelon Blocks on a Stick
– Birthday cake ideas, cookie ideas, and cupcake ideas can be found online

Star Wars
– Yoda Soda
– Storm Trooper Cheese Ball
– Sweet and Salty Sabers (pretzels and fruit roll ups)
– Leia Buns
– Storm Troopops (marshmallows)

These ideas are designed so you can create a memorable and magical Lego party.

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