Creative Chanukah Party Decorations

These creative Chanukah party decorations will transform your ordinary room into a festival of lights. Chanukah commemorates the light that is inside you; therefore, you will need a lot of candles for your Menorah and lights for the party room. Create your own Chanukah party decorations or purchase some of the many available online.

Chanukah Party Decorations – Basics
There are some basic ideas that you can incorporate into your Chanukah party decorations. Hanukkah has traditional colors, as well as different symbols that are popular during this time.

Chanukah has traditional colors that can be incorporated into your Chanukah party decorations. These colors are:


These colors blend well together to create a pleasant party room.

The Menorah is one of the main symbols of Chanukah. Every Chanukah party should have a Menorah displayed. The Menorah has eight branches to represent the eight days a one-day supply of oil miraculously lasted to light the Temple. You can purchase a real Menorah, electric Menorah, and even have the kids make them out of craft sticks. Some other symbols that can be incorporated into your Chanukah party decorations include:

Star of David – The Star of David is named after King David of ancient Israel.
Dreidels – This is a four sided top that has four letters on it, and is used as a popular Jewish game.
Stone Tablets – This symbol represents the Ten Commandments.
Scrolls – Scrolls are a great addition to Chanukah party decorations. They represent the Hebrew Scriptures that were written on them.

By adding these symbols to your Chanukah party decorations, you can create a festive party room to honor the Jewish tradition and history of Hanukkah.
Chanukah Party Decorations – Ideas

Now that you understand the traditional symbols and colors of this Jewish holiday, you can start decorating. Here are just a few ideas:

Decorate the house with the traditional Hanukkah colors of blue and white. Add blue and white lights to your roof and throughout your home inside and out.
Make place mats for your table. They can be made festive or elegant, depending on the atmosphere of your environment. Decorate cardstock in the size of place mat you want. Once you come up with the size, be sure to make them all the same. This is also a fun project your child can help you with, or you can create elegant ones by using stickers, stamps, cloth, etc. Once you have decorated the cardstock, laminate them with contact paper.
Create a scarf to put your Menorah on as a centerpiece. You can purchase a scarf or make one yourself by sewing together solid blue and white linen napkins. Alternate the colors. Then place your Menorah on top.
Display any Hanukkah cards you have received on a string.
Cover couches with a blue blanket and add white pillows or vice versa.
Make a banner to hang on the wall.

Star of David Banner made from Craft Sticks


Wooden craft sticks
Hot glue
Medium-blue spray paint
Drill with 1/16” drill bit
1/8” light blue ribbon
Embroidery needle


1. Make a triangle with three sticks. Glue them together with the ends overlapping one another. Make second triangle. Put the first triangle over the second one. This will form a six-sided star. Mark the places where they connect with a pencil.

2. Take the top triangle off and put hot glue on the areas you marked where they connect. Put the top triangle back on to attach the two triangles together.

3. Paint them blue, white, and silver. Allow to dry.

4. Make small holes for the ribbon with the drill. There should be two holes per triangle and the holes should be opposite of each other.

5. With the embroidery needle, string beads to the ribbon and the ribbon to the stars.

6. Hang your Star of David banner over a doorway, above the fireplace mantel, on the wall, etc.

Learning the symbols and colors of Chanukah are the first steps to creating a spectacular party room that will honor this holiday. They can then be incorporated into any Chanukah party decorations for creating an amazing Chanukah celebration.

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