Cupcakes and Birthdays – Great Treats and Fun!

Cupcake parties are really taking off and it is no wonder why. Cupcakes are no longer simply a tasty desert treat. Now, people can have entire meals with cupcake shaped food. If you want your cupcake party to be memorable, go as far as you can with the theme and have a great time.

Cupcake Invitations
Cupcake invitations are incredibly easy if you do them on your own. While you could go to the store and buy them, make a project out of it with the kids. Use some construction paper and scissors and get to work. You can create nice invitations you can send out to all of the party guests.

A big part of the fun of a cupcake party is creating and eating cupcakes. Instead of looking at it as just a party, consider the guests as little chefs. Be sure to provide them with aprons so they can get to work.

A chef’s hat is also fun, and kids will enjoy dressing up while they get to eat their favorite treat.

For fun, sit down with the kids and help them decorate their aprons. They can utilize their own creativity and design their aprons. This will not only be fun for them, but it will also give them a party favor to take home.

Cupcake Meal
As much as the kids may want to get the desert, be sure to offer a main course as well. You can serve the main course without going off your cupcake theme.
With the meal, you want to make something in a cupcake pan. The main course will be shaped like a cupcake, which will be fun for the children.

Homemade pizza rolls are a wonderful choice for a cupcake shaped meal. You will use dough and any pizza ingredients you want. The ingredients will sit inside of the dough. Bake them in a cupcake pan until they begin to brown. Take them out and poke them with a fork to see if they are done.

Decorate Your Own
As enjoyable as the main course is, everyone is really there for the desert. They want to have the cupcakes. While you could simply give them a cupcake and allow them to eat it, that would be anticlimactic. Instead, make decorating a cupcake part of the celebration.

Have a cupcake bar set up. You can have frosting, sprinkles, candy and other items at the bar. Allow the children to decorate their own cupcake. Then, everyone can sit down and enjoy their meal.

Tips for a Cupcake Party
– Have lots of fun colors of frosting for the children to enjoy.
– Include differnet cupcake flavors so everyone can have a flavor they like.
– Have the party in an area that is free of carpet and furniture. The kitchen is the perfect place for the party. Also, if it is warm, they can decorate their aprons outside.
– Don’t worry about the mess. It can be cleaned up after the party. The most important thing is your child has a birthday to remember.

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