DIY Super Bowl Party Invitations

Help your guests get psyched up for the big game with these DIY Super Bowl Party invitations. Once they receive their Super Bowl party invitation, they will have something to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

Super Bowl Party Ticket Invitations

These are a fun way to invite your guests to your Super Bowl party. Give them the feeling that they will be attending the actual Super Bowl with these Super Bowl party ticket invitations.

Materials: (Based on eight invitations)

4 sheets white card stock paper (heavy weight)
2 sheets red construction paper
1 sheet blue construction paper
Blue or black permanent marker
8 card size envelopes
Football confetti
Football stickers


Fold one sheet of white card stock paper in half. Cut on the fold. Do the same with the other three sheets.
Fold each one once more. You will have eight little blank cards as your canvas. Set them aside.
Fold the sheet of red paper in half. Cut on the half fold.
Cut each half of paper in half again. This will form the red background of the front of your card. Cut the other sheet of red paper the same way.
Cut the blue sheet of paper into ½ inch by 10 inch strips. You should have sixteen strips of blue paper.
Cut each of these strips into half. They will be the blue border that will end up on the red paper that will form your ticket.
To create the front of your Super Bowl ticket, get the little squares of red paper, blue strips, and glue. Lay a red square down on the surface and use the blue strips of paper and glue to form a border on the red paper. Repeat on other seven red squares.
Write on your tickets in this way so you can prevent the marker from bleeding through. Take the little white sheets of paper. The front of this card will be left blank. Open the inside. On the left hand side, write down what will be served. If people are responsible for bringing something, this is the place to remind them.
On the right hand side, write down the basic information of: date, time, and place. Don’t forget to include directions and RSVP information.
On the red squares, write down Super Bowl XLIV lengthwise.
Combine the two pieces together. Glue the red squares to the front of each card.
Throw in some confetti or add in some football stickers to the front of the invitation.

Jersey Super Bowl Party Invitations


4 sheets of heavy card stock paper
Card envelopes


Choose whatever colors you want for your jersey. They do not have to reflect the players of the Super Bowl. Consider the guest you are sending that particular invitation to. They will appreciate getting an invitation in their favorite team’s colors.
Cut each sheet of paper in half so there are 8 pieces of paper that will be 4 by 5 inches.
With the pen, draw an outline of a football jersey. Write the name of the guest in the shoulder area above the number you choose for that invitation. Decorate the front of your jersey with markers to give the invitation a “feel” of the team.
Open up the invitation and write the basic information, such as: date, time and location. Include directions and an RSVP.
Put your invitation into the envelope along with some confetti that will drop out when they open up the invitation.

These are invitations that can be used for any Super Bowl party. Don’t forget to write on the invitation if you will be providing a meal or snacks or if they need to bring anything.

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