Easter Egg Hunts with a Twist

Are you looking for a new and exciting Easter egg hunt to host this year? While the idea is the same, the hunt can be different. Here are a few different Easter egg hunt ideas. You can have a different type of Easter egg hunt every year!

Hop ‘n Hunt
Have the kids wear bunny ears, a nose, and tail. Have the kids go to a starting line. Have them hop to the finish line, which will be the start of the hunt. The first person to hop over the finish lines wins a prize. They can start hunting once they pass the finish line.
Easter Egg Hunt Checklist

Create checklists for each individual child. Tell the kids that they are only to get what is on the list and if they find something not on their list to let it go for someone else. The checklists should all contain the same items. Have a grand prize for the child that crosses the finish line first.

Example of a checklist:

Find 2 blue eggs
Find 4 pink eggs
Find 2 orange eggs
Find 1 yellow egg
Find 3 green eggs

Obstacle Egg Hunt

This type of Easter egg hunt works best outdoors. This is a fun Easter egg hunt that requires the kids to perform a game or task before being able to hunt for eggs. It is best to divide the kids up by age and have age appropriate activities so that they are pretty much able to move through the activities as quick as the other kids. With this egg hunt, it is best to have the kids only be allowed to pick up a certain amount of eggs to allow enough eggs for the kids that might be slower. Some ideas for an obstacle course are: jumping over a cardboard box, kicking a ball around cones, drinking a glass of water, hopping with a ball in between their knees, etc. The first child to reach the finish line wins a special prize.
Puzzle Treasure Easter Egg Hunt

Kids love to find a treasure. This makes an Easter egg hunt even more challenging. Put together a 25 piece puzzle. On the back of the puzzle, create clues on a map to the treasure. The treasure should have a little something for everyone. Break the puzzle up and put into the plastic eggs. Hide the eggs. Have the Easter egg hunt. Once all the eggs have been found, have the kids put the puzzle together and read the clues to the map. Kids will love this version of an Easter egg hunt.
The Easter Story Easter Egg Hunt

This version of an Easter egg hunt is more symbolic. You will have a regular Easter egg hunt, but you will include 12 scriptures that will tell the story of Easter. Write down a number on each message so the kids know which scripture comes next. Once the fun is over, they can all sit down and share the story of Easter.
Kids are sure to have the best time at your Easter egg hunt.

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