Easter Wonderland : Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Party

Sometimes Mother Nature does not consider our plans for an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Therefore, it is necessary to plan ahead for an indoor Easter egg hunt party.

An indoor Easter egg hunt party can be a lot of fun because you have the opportunity to transform your home into an Easter Wonderland. There are many decorations you can make or purchase to create an Easter Wonderland in your home.

Make an Easter egg invitation by simply cutting out an oval from cardstock. Decorate the front of the egg anyway you like. This could be a fun project for the kids. On the back, give the Easter Wonderland party details.


Transform your home into an Easter Wonderland by simply buying or making Easter egg decorations. There are many different ways you can do this. You can make Easter eggs out of paper, Styrofoam, craft foam, yarn, or many other materials.

The best thing is that you can virtually decorate an Easter egg any way you want, and you simply can’t go wrong. Once you have made the Easter egg decorations, hang them all over. Hang them from the door, the ceiling, on the walls, etc.

Flowers are another great decoration for an Easter party. Pink tulips and yellow daffodils are popular this time of year. Create bouquets of real and fake flowers. Have the kids help make paper flowers.
Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Setting up an indoor Easter egg hunt is not difficult. The setup is the same as an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Purchase plastic eggs and put toys and candy in the eggs. Have special eggs for any toddlers you have at the party. Choose a few different eggs to represent a larger prize. Kids love to find that “special” egg.

Hide them around the house. Be sure to indicate where the kids are not allowed to go in the house. Have a clear indication on the door, such as a note that says, “Do not Enter.” Decorate all the areas where the kids are allowed to search.

Keep a list of where you hid all the eggs so you don’t forget any. Count how many eggs you started off with, and then you will know how many are “missing” when they think they are all finished. If you don’t want to write down where they all are, at least know where the special eggs are.
Easter Party Treats

There are many different Easter party snacks you can serve at your party. Be sure to have a variety of sweet, salty, and healthy snacks at your party. Try making up some bunny sandwiches with a bunny shaped cookie cutter. Kids will just love these. You can have a variety of meats or simply serve up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Be sure to make some plain for those kids that do not like jelly.

An indoor Easter egg hunt can be a lot of fun, especially when you can transform your home into an Easter Wonderland.

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