Fun 4th of July Party Ideas

If you are having a patriotic party, 4th of July party ideas can help you make your celebration a blast. Transform your backyard into a patriotic red, white, and blue party to get your guests in the mood for some fireworks and fun.

Besides decorating in red, white, and blue and having a backyard BBQ, you can keep your guests entertained with some fun activities. The following 4th of July party ideas will keep the adults and kids busy.

4th of July Party Ideas – Games

Flag Tag Relay

All you need for this game are buckets of sand and small American flags. Divide the group into two teams. Put a bucket of sand filled with small American flags across from the team at the opposite end of the yard. The first person from each team runs to the appropriate bucket, grabs a flag, and marches (not runs) back to the team to tag the next person. The first team to get back to the starting line wins.

Patriotic Ring Toss
4th of July party ideas can include many homemade games. This game is perfect for people of all ages. Make nine dowels into scoring poles. Put them into the ground in three rows with three in each row. They should be spaced two feet apart. The planted poles can be wrapped with red, white, and blue crepe-paper streamers.

Make rings out of sturdy colored paper plates. If you can’t find the colors you want, then you can spray paint plain white ones. With scissors, cut a large circle from the center of each plate. Next, put two plates face to face and tape them together. The tape should go all around the rim. Make six rings.

Divide into two teams and give each person three tries to toss the ring around one of the poles. The nearest row is worth 10 points, the middle row is worth 20 points, and the farthest row is worth 30 points. The team with the most points wins the game.
4th of July Party Ideas – Activities and Crafts

Make a Patriotic Mural with Chalk
Invite the artistic and not so artistic guests to make a patriotic mural with chalk. They can work together to create a masterpiece that they can show off at the party. Adults and kids can help make the mural. Simply set out colored chalk and let their creativity flow.

Patriotic Wind Sock


Cylindrical cardboard oatmeal box
Blue and white construction paper
Red and white crepe paper streamers
Hole punch


Cut out the bottom of the oatmeal box. Cover the entire box with blue construction paper. Make white stars out of construction paper and glue onto the blue construction paper on the box.
Cut out strips of the red and white crepe paper streamers and glue them to the end of the wind sock.
Make four holes on the top of the box with the hole punch.
Measure string and cut one foot into the string. Make two strings. Tie the opposite sides of the string to opposite holes.
Cut another string that is longer than the two pieces of string. This will be the string that you hang the wind sock.

These are just a few of the many 4th of July party ideas you can choose from to make your 4th of July celebration unique and fun.

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