Fun Father’s Day Party Activities

Father’s Day party activities are always fun for dad and for the family. These Father’s Day party activities are designed to allow fathers and children to interact on this special day. Not only is it a fun day for dads, but it is also special for the children. Try these Father’s day party activities to make your Father’s Day party a day to remember.

Homemade Kite Competitions
Gather up the tools and materials you will need for making a kite and have a kite competition. This is so much fun for the dads and the kids! You can make a simple kite, or you can make one as elaborate as you want, especially if you want to win the “best homemade kite” competition.

Competition Ideas Include:

Highest flying kite
Longest flying kite
Best homemade kite (one for kids and one for dads)
Most unusual kite
Longest kite tail

Balloon Blast
Divide people into two groups. Make sure there are an equal number of dads and kids in both groups. For example, if one team has five dads and five kids, the other team should have five dads and five kids. Put two sacks of inflated balloons about 30 yards away from the starting line. Each sack should contain blown up balloons all of one color, but each sack should have a different color. When the whistle blows, a participant from each team should run to the sack and take out a balloon and try to pop it by sitting on it. Make sure they do not use their hands or jump on the balloon. When the balloon pops, that player must run to the starting line and tap the next player on the team. The first team to finish popping the balloons wins! Kids and dads have a blast at this game!
Blindfold Race

Set up an area for the race by placing obstacles to go under and over, such as small tables, boards, etc. Divide into two teams. Place a small prize for each team in the area. Have each child pair up with his dad and place a blindfold on his dad. The child is to guide him to the prize by talking him through the obstacle course.
Shaving Race

Pair up the children with their father, grandfather or a father figure. Give the kids shaving cream and wooden craft stick. The first child to “shave” his dad completely wins.
Homemade Golf Course

Children make a miniature golf course decorating boxes and tubes. They set up nine areas for the holes by using blocks and other toys to outline the area. Put Styrofoam cups in the ground for the holes. Each child and dad will receive one 3 to 4 foot PVC pipe with an elbow joint and a ping pong ball. Give them a score sheet to keep score. The dad and child must take turns hitting the ball. The best score wins!

These Father’s Day party activities are designed for dads and kids to pair up and have a fun filled day.

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