Fun Father’s Day Party Themes

Father’s Day party themes are an exciting way to celebrate dads. Spice up your yearly Father’s Day party by choosing from one of the many unique Father’s Day party themes. Your dad will be surprised and flattered that you took the time to create such a wonderful party. Remember to tell the guests a few days ahead of time which of the Father’s Day party themes you chose for your party. You may want to make it a surprise for your dad. However, you will want to have something for your dad to wear that will make him stand out from the rest.

Father’s Day Party Themes – Western
There is a lot you can do with this theme. For invitations, send out a photograph of your dad on a WANTED poster. Roll it up with the details of the party and tie with a bandana. Be sure to use parchment colored paper and black lettering. Tell your guests to dress like cowboys and cowgirls or saloon girls.

Set the mood with country western music. Welcome your guests with a personalized banner that says something like, “Billy’s Saloon” or “Welcome to Billy’s Ranch.” Of course, use your dad’s name. Have a basket of bandanas and cowboy hats near the front entrance for those who do not have a costume or need some extra party duds. Set the stage with real hay bales outside of the entrance. Real or foil cactus cutouts set around the hay will enhance your western theme. Throw out some plastic snakes. Borrow or rent a western style saddle and put it on top of one of the bales. Make lassos out of rope and hang as garland. Make “Cowboys” and “Cowgirls” signs for the bathroom doors. Western boot danglers can be hung all over or in one special place.

Make sure to have faded denim, boots, a hat, and bandana set aside for your dad if you are intending on surprising him.

Father’s Day Party Themes – Hawaiian
This is the perfect theme for this time of year and is pretty simple to create. The invitations should be as colorful as you can make them. Add in coconut tree stickers and other seashore scenery. Ask your guests to dress up in colorful floral printed shirts, surfer shorts, and sarongs.

Decorate with items related to Hawaii. Decorate the pool side area with fake palm trees surrounded with some sand. Sprinkle shells around the sand area. If you do not have a pool, put up some blue curtains to get the feel of the sea. Create an aquarium as a centerpiece. Put inflatable dolphins and surf boards in this area to give it the feel of the ocean.

Welcome the guests by putting a colorful flower garland around their necks. Have flowers available for the girls to pin up above one of their ears. The other side should be hanging loose for that typical Hawaiian look.

Seafood would be good for this Father’s Day theme. There are many grilled seafood recipes available on the Internet. Serve colorful cocktails, fruit drinks, and smoothies. Green coconuts would be a perfect addition to your Hawaiian menu.

Have a Hawaiian dance, drum beating competitions, lei making competitions, and a contest for the best dressed. Be sure to have an outfit ready for dad to change into if you plan on surprising him with a Hawaiian themed Father’s Day party.

More Father’s Day Party Themes

Angels and Demons

These Father’s Day party themes are fun and simple and will surely impress your dad.

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