Fun Valentines Day Party Ideas for Kids

Kids love a Valentine’s Day party. With these Valentine’s Day party ideas, the kids at your Valentine’s Day party will have a blast. There are a lot of different Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids, from Valentine’s Day party decorations to treats to games.

A Valentine’s Day party is a lot of fun to decorate for, and it is very simple. Simply decorate with red, pink, white, and purple hearts. These hearts can be made out of construction paper. Make big ones and little ones and come up with some fun messages. Hang these hearts from the ceiling with string, streamers, or yarn.

Now, just throw in some streamers and balloons to match the color scheme, and you will be in a Valentine’s Day party wonderland.

Valentine’s Day Party Table Decorations
For your table, decorate with a white table cloth. Scatter paper hearts or heart confetti all over the table. Make a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.


9” paper plate
Red and pink acrylic paint
2” foam ball
1 sheet of glitter pink felt
1 sheet of red craft foam
Silver and red sequins
Craft stick
Craft glue or hot glue gun (optional)
White ribbon – thin
Glitter glue – red
Craft jewels


1. Paint paper plate red. Set aside to dry.
2. Cut foam ball in half. Paint and let dry.
3. Paint craft stick pink. Let dry.
4. Mark center of plate with pencil.
5. Cut the pink glitter felt into eight ½“strips.
6. Put glue at the end of the glitter side of the strips. Attach them to the center of the plate, glitter side down in a circle evenly around the plate.
7. Stick the pink craft stick into the round side of the half foam ball. So that it is standing straight up.
8. Add glue to the flat part of the foam ball and attach to the center of the plate. This is where you could use a hot glue gun. This will speed up the project a bit.
9. Next take the strips and fold them up and then place them under the round ball. The strip’s fold will be even with the plate. The glue from the half foam ball will hold the other side of the strip in place. Once you have done this with all the strips, you will be looking at a flower, with the red ball as the center of the flower. NOTE: The glue will not hold right away. You must take out the craft stick and put something on top of the foam ball until the glue dries and holds the strips in place. Allow to dry for a couple of hours (unless you use a hot glue gun).
10. Take the red craft foam and cut two 4“hearts. Decorate with sequins.
11. Glue the craft stick to the back of one of the hearts. Glue the other heart to the back of the first heart so the craft stick is between them.
12. Replace the craft stick into the foam craft ball. Tie ribbon to the top of the stick and under the hearts.
13. Line the border of the plate with red glitter glue. Add craft jewels.

Valentine’s Day Party Treats
There are many different types of Valentine’s Day party treats. With some heart shaped cookie cutters, you can create a lot of different treats. Here are just a few:

Heart shaped sandwiches
Heart shaped Jello-Jigglers
Heart shaped cheese served on crackers
Heart shaped cookies
Heart shaped rice crispy treats

Be creative and come up with some of your own ideas! Make a heart shaped cake or cupcakes and serve it with some red punch.

Valentine’s Day Party Games
Turn some traditional games into Valentine’s Day party games. Turn Simon Says into Cupid Says. Turn Duck, Duck Goose into Cupid, Cupid Love. Turn Red Light, Green Light into Love’s Me, Love’s Me Not.

Create a Valentine’s Day party scavenger hunt searching for the things Cupid is missing. Kids love a scavenger hunt. Valentine’s Bean Bag Toss is a blast. Cut a heart target out of paper or fabric. With a marker, make an “X” in the center. Make three heart shaped bean bags. Put a piece of tape to mark the standing point and toss the bean bags to hit the “X”.

A Valentine’s Day party is an exciting party to plan. Get creative and have fun.

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