High School Graduation Party Ideas – Honoring Your High School Graduate

A high school graduation party is the highlight of many high school graduates. It is a time to celebrate all of the hard work they have accomplished over the years. While school is a necessity, it is sometimes taken for granted how difficult high school can be. Graduates truly deserve to be honored for their accomplishments with a high school graduation party.

High School Graduation Party Open House
This type of high school graduation party is perfect for homes that are small and cannot accommodate a large amount of people. An open house high school graduation party can begin as early as 10 am and go as late as you want.

High School Graduation Party Invitations
There are many online websites that offer printable graduation cards that can be personalized. These are perfect, especially if you do not have time to make high school graduation party invitations. If you do find the time to make invitations, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Use graduation themed stickers, stamps, or drawings to decorate the invitations. You can even roll up the invitation to look like a diploma. Be sure to include the basic details for the high school graduation party along with any special poems or wording to make the invitations unique and personalized.

High School Graduation Party Decorations
Decorating for a high school graduation party is pretty easy. All you need are some streamers and balloons in the school colors and items that have the year of the graduation. Throw in some diplomas, caps, a personalized banner, and mementos of the graduate of the last 12 years, and you will have a fully decorated high school graduation party.

High School Graduation Party Foods
The thing to remember when planning what foods you will serve is that guests are more interested in talking and socializing than sitting down to a full dinner. Basically any type of finger food is perfect for a high school graduation party. Here are some tasty ideas:

Nachos and salsa
Pizza bites
Chicken fingers
Chips and dip
Finger sandwiches
Fruit tray and dip
Veggie tray and dip

Of course, a graduation cake or cupcakes are always perfect for a high school graduation party. Serve with special graduation mints and nuts. Remember to have a lot of non-alcoholic drinks available for everyone, especially a variety of sodas, lemonade, and water bottles. Surprisingly, water bottles are very popular among high school students.

High School Graduation Party Games and Activities
Kids this age like to get together and talk; therefore, do not have too many games and activities. A few games can be fun and make the party memorable. Here are some ideas:

Make a time capsule of memorable items from the school year to be opened at a college graduation or other family event. Have the guests write notes to the graduate.
Water balloon toss is always a blast for people of all ages.
Piñata’s are always popular, no matter how old a person gets.
Have a scavenger hunt. This is especially popular among high school students.

Try these high school graduation party ideas to help you create a celebration that will honor your graduate’s accomplishments.

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