Hippie Party Ideas for your Peace Party

The 60’s is a popular trend among kids. Kids of all ages are attracted to the colorful hippie party ideas that are available. A 60s party is generally based on the clothes and symbols of that decade. Through these symbols and clothes, cool hippie decorations and hippie party food can be created. A peace party is cool and a lot of fun to put together. Also see a fabulous 50’s party ideas.

Hippie Party Invitations

Hippie party invitations are simple to make, yet a lot of fun to put together. The idea is to have as much color as possible. Create postcard type invitations with the design on one side and the details on the other. Here are some ideas to get your started:

Peace Sign

Tie Dye

Peace, Love, and Powerpop (picture of guitar)

Hippie Chick

Flower Power


Let your imagination go wild and create a masterpiece that will get your guests excited to come to your peace party. Ask your guests to dress in 60s style clothing. On the invitation, offer some ideas, such as:


Tie dye shirts and dresses

Bell bottom pants

Patchwork clothing

Wrap skirts

Hemp jewelry

Flower clothing

Be sure to have some of these on hand for people who do not show up dressed as a hippie.

Hippie Party Decorations

Transform the party room into hippie heaven. Set the mood with some hippie music. Put together a CD with songs from the 60s and early 70s. A Woodstock album would also be a great asset to the party.

Put colored bead chains in the doorways. To get that groovy glow, replace light bulbs with colored light bulbs and add in a lava lamp. Hang large sheets of tie-dye for wall coverings. Make and hang different decorations out of card stock, such as: large peace signs, smiley face, and yin-yang symbols. Before you know it, your party room will feel as if you just went back in time.

Hippie Party Food

Hippies tried to eat healthy. Most of their meals were organic, vegetarian, or ethnic. When trying to create a list for hippie food, take this into consideration. However, the type of food you have at your party will depend on the age of your guests. For younger people, keep it simple. Have pizza or a variety of finger foods available. Bring in the peace party theme with the decoration on any cakes or cookies.

Hippie Party Activities

Crafts were big with hippies. Crafts are great for any event, especially a 60s party. Here are some ideas for crafts:

Color psychedelic pictures (found on the Internet)

Make love bead necklaces

Make God’s eyes (with popsicle sticks and yarn)

Make peace designs with body crayons

Tie dye macramé necklaces

Tie dye t-shirts

Make headbands

Other hippie party ideas for activities:

Play “Pin the Smiley on the Smiley Face”

Play freeze dance to 60s music

Have a dance contest

These hippie party ideas will help to make your peace party a complete success, and your guests will remember this party for many years to come.

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