Kentucky Derby Party Budget Ideas

These Kentucky Derby party budget ideas will allow you to host a party without breaking the pocketbook. Don’t pass up the chance to host an awesome party to celebrate the Kentucky Derby because you think it will cost you too much money. Celebrate the “Run for the Roses” in style without the cost with these Kentucky Derby party budget ideas.

Each year the Kentucky Derby begins the race for the Triple Crown on the first Saturday in May. The Triple Crown includes:

Kentucky Derby
Belmont Stakes
Preakness Stakes

With these Kentucky Derby party budget ideas, you can afford to have a Triple Crown Party, where you host a party for each of these races. Just because you are staying within a budget, does not mean you can’t have a stylish party. The key is to be creative with the budget and to divide up the budget into different sections.

Budget – Be Realistic

You must first decide how much you can realistically spend on your Kentucky Derby party. The keyword here is “realistically.” Be realistic with what you can actually afford, or you will spend more than you want. If you did intend to have a Triple Crown party, then you may not have the funds to get you through until the final race if you are not realistic with your budget.
Budget – Divide into Sections

Divide up your budget into sections. You will want to allocate a portion of funds to each section. Sections could include:

Kentucky Derby Party Invitations
Kentucky Derby Party Decorations
Kentucky Derby Party Menu
Kentucky Derby Party Games and Activities

It is likely the majority of your funds will be set aside for the food you intend to serve. Be sure to allocate enough for your menu. You do not have to give up decorations or games. These are areas you can be creative and find bargains.
Kentucky Derby Party Budget Ideas – Invitations and Decorations

The most economical invitations and decorations are those you make yourself. The theme here is horses! There are tons of pictures you can find on the Internet of horses and likely the Kentucky Derby. Download these pictures and create your invitations, banners, signs, etc.

Make a postcard type invitation out of cardstock. A postcard invitation will not require as much paper then one that folds. Either sketch a picture of a horse or find a picture on the Internet for the front of the invitation. You can use stickers or stamps for the writing to make your invitation look more professional; however, writing it yourself is more economical and does give it a more personal touch. On the back, write the details of the party and decorate with whatever horse supplies you have. Buy invitation style envelopes and decorate the outside with horse stickers, horse stamps, etc.

Banners are basically the same. Make small banners with different sections that are found at the Kentucky Derby, such as the Grandstand, the Winners’ Circle, the Owner’s Box, and the Millionaire’s Row. Decorate with horses, roses, etc.
Kentucky Derby Party Budget Ideas – Food

While this is the place where you spend most of your budget, this does not mean it has to cost you a lot of money. The possibilities are endless! It just takes some thinking and creativity to have a five star menu on a budget.

Make up sandwiches and trim them with a horse shaped cookie cutter. Don’t spend the money for the most expensive bread and lunch meats. Check the prices. Serve up carrots, which are a horse’s favorite with a horseradish dip. Sliced apples are an excellent addition, as horse’s love apples, too! These are just some quick, easy, and inexpensive ideas that are related to horses.

If you want to serve up something hearty and hot, Burgoo stew is a delicious meal that will go a long way. Burgoo stew is a Kentucky tradition and is served at the Keeneland Racetrack even today. There are many ways to make the stew. Choose one that works within your budget.

You can’t have a Kentucky Derby without the classic Mint Julep. To save money, make it on your own. See our article, “Kentucky Derby Party Foods and Drinks” for the recipe.

For dessert, you can make a homemade sheet cake very inexpensively. Decorate with green colored coconut flakes for the grass and line a track with flags. Put small toy horses on the track, which can be found at discount stores.

Games do not have to cost much of anything. Have a three legged horse race or play Triple Crown Trivia. For some inexpensive games, see our article, “Kentucky Derby Party Games.”

With these Kentucky Derby party budget ideas, you can host an exciting party that everyone will enjoy.

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