Kentucky Derby Party Games

Get your guests into the party mode with these Kentucky Derby party games. What is a Kentucky Derby party without betting games? We have some “family-friendly” betting games that are sure to pump up your guests. Just because the races only last a little while, does not mean the party has to end. Get the party started with some fun and simple Kentucky Derby party games.

Kentucky Derby Party Games – Horse in a Hat Betting Game

On pieces of paper, write down the horses names. These names can be found at For fun, you can also add stats and other information about each horse.
Put the papers into a hat that resembles the Derby hat. Mix them up.
Collect a bet from everyone. Come up with a set amount, like $1 or let them place a bet on their own.
Have each person pull a name from the Derby hat.
After the race is over, the person who has the winning horse’s name wins the pot. To make it even more exciting, have a larger percentage of the pot go to the first place winner, a smaller percentage to the second place winner, and an even smaller percentage go to the third place winner.

Betting Window

This is a fun betting game that really enhances the era of the party. Set up a betting window like they have at the races. Allow your guests to make actual bets.
Find the current Derby odds in your local newspaper. Post it on the wall for your guests to see.
Pass out Derby tickets. Everyone must choose their favorite horse. They can choose more than one horse, as long as they pay the set amount for each ticket. Charge $2 per ticket.
Close the betting an hour before the race begins. At the end of the race, disburse winnings to those who bet on the winning horse.

Kentucky Derby Betting Pool

Make a poster with a large block for each horse that is in the race.
Each person should place a bet by purchasing a block for a specific amount. Each bet should be the same amount. Write the person’s name on the block they choose. Your guests can put their names in the same horse’s block, and they can also place bets on more than one horse; however, they must pay for each block. They can even put their name under one block more than once, which increases the amount of money they will collect if their horse wins.
Once the race is over, divide the money by the number of bets on the winning horse. Distribute that percentage to each person who chose the winning horse. Remember that if a name is listed twice, they will receive twice the amount.

Pin the Tail on the Horse

This is a fun game for kids. Sometimes adults like to play, too! Simply draw a horse without a tail. Don’t worry if you are not that creative. All that matters is that the horse does not have a tail. Make up “horse tails” from construction paper or cardstock. Write each person’s name on the tail. Place a piece of tape on the back of the tail. Turn the blindfolded person around three times and let them go. Whoever places the tail in the correct place wins.
Three Legged Horse Relay Race

What is a Kentucky Derby party without a three legged race? Assign partners and tie their legs together. Divide them into two or three teams. The team that wins the race can win the horseshoe roses.

These Kentucky Derby party games are great for guests of all ages.

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