Kids Chanukah Party Crafts

These Chanukah party crafts are perfect for kids of all ages and are a great way to keep the kids busy while the adults play the Dreidel game or any other game they enjoy. If you do not want to be the one in charge of all of the crafts while the party is going on, consider asking an older child to help coordinate and oversee the kids while they are working on crafts.

Chanukah Gelt Bag
Gelt is a common gift for children of the Jewish faith. Gelt is the Yiddish word for money. Make a gelt bag for the kids to put any coins they receive. For this craft, you could purchase some chocolate gelt to add to their gelt bag when they are done creating them.


6” x 4” piece of navy blue felt
6” x 6” piece of white felt
½” x 6” strip of light blue felt
6 flat wooden circles
Gold craft paint
White craft glue


1. Paint wooden circles gold. Allow to dry.

2. Form the bag by folding the navy blue piece of felt in half. Put a strip of glue up both sides, and then place the light blue strip in the open corners of the felt. Press the sides together. Hold for a few seconds and then allow them to dry.

3. Cut two triangles out of the white felt. These triangles should be about 1 ½” to 2” wide or small enough so they fit on the triangles. Cut the center of the triangles out.

4. To make the Star of David, glue a triangle with the point side up to the front of the blue bag. Glue another triangle with the point side down on top of the first triangle.

5. Fill up the bag with gold chocolate coins.

Milk Carton Dreidel


Small milk cartons or boxes


1. Fold the tops of the milk cartons down to make a box.

2. Mix some glue with the paint. Paint boxes.

3. Poke a pencil through the box from the top at a downwards angle. The point should be on the bottom.

4. Once the paint is dry, write in black marker the words nun, gimmel, hey, and shin representing the saying, “A Great Miracle Happened There.”

5. Show the kids how to play the Dreidel game.

Cardboard Menorah Candles


Small cardboard tubes
Yellow construction paper
Cardboard lid or flat box


1. With a paintbrush or q-tip, spread the glue on the outside of the tubes. Put some glitter into the cardboard box and then roll the tubes in the glitter. Allow to dry.

2. While they dry, make a flame out of the yellow construction paper. Glue the flame to the inside lip of the candle.

3. You can make a Menorah stand out of the Play-Doh.

Dreidel Magnet


Felt (light blue, white, brown)


1. With a pencil, draw the outline of a dreidel. To make it simple, this would look like an upside down house. Cut it out of light blue felt.

2. Make another dreidel out of white felt. This one should be slightly smaller than the blue.

3. With brown felt, cut a small rectangle to be used as the handle. Glue the white felt onto the blue felt. Part of the handle should be in between the two colors. The other part should be sticking up.

4. Draw a symbol in the center of the white felt with glue or fabric paint.

5. Sprinkle with glitter, and then allow it to dry.

6. Glue a magnet to the back.

Hanukkah Mobile


Wire Hanger


1. Make different symbols out of foam, such as a Menorah, Star of David, and the dreidel.

2. Attach the ribbon to the foam pieces.

3. Cover the wire hanger with blue ribbon.

4. Tie the different symbols already on string to the wire hanger.

The kids will enjoy working on these Chanukah party crafts at your next celebration.

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