Ladybug Birthday Party for All Ages

If your child loves ladybugs, you have likely entertained the idea of throwing a ladybug birthday party. The question remains, though, how do you prepare for the perfect ladybug party? No matter if your child is a toddler or a preteen you can create the perfect ladybug party quite easily when you know what you are doing.

Start the party off right by creating the perfect ladybug invitations. You will need red construction paper, white cardstock and markers. Once you have your items, draw a circle on the white cardstock. On top of the circle, draw a ladybug head. To do this, you can draw a horizontal oval. Then, cut it out.

Next, you will need to cut out the wings. Cut out the same size circle, minus the head. Then, cut the circle in half. You will need to affix the red construction paper to the white cardstock. You will then have your ladybug. Decorate the ladybug with black spots and draw in his face.

Once you are done creating the ladybug, write the invitations on the white cardstock. Close the wings when you mail the invitation and the recipient can open them to read the invitation.

Dress Up
A ladybug party is not complete without costumes. Dress your child up in her favorite ladybug costume and have her friends do the same. You will have lots of ladybugs running around the house for the day, which means you will end up with amazing pictures and lasting memories.

You will find lots of ladybug decorations at stores. You can purchase ladybug banners, streamers and napkins. However, you can save money by making some of your own. Just as you did with the invitations, you can cut out ladybugs and put them around the house. Get balloons and put the ladybugs on them, and put them on the walls.

Also, make sunflowers out of construction paper and place them around the home as well.

In addition, decorate with insect nets. Let the guests feel as if they are part of an insect hunting adventure.

One of the best activities you can have at a ladybug party is face painting. Kids of all ages love having their faces painted, and it is very easy to paint a ladybug. You do not have to be a skilled face painter to master the ladybug.

You can also use plastic ladybugs and give the kids insect nets. Hide the ladybug and have the kids hunt it. The first one who finds it will win a prize. Kids like games where they have to find things, and they love winning prizes.

Simply get some black and red pain and go to town on the kids. They will love it.

A ladybug party can be a lot of fun. Make sure you start the party off right by making fun invitations and then provide the kids with fun once they arrive. You can make the most out of the theme with amazing decorations and face painting. It will turn into a party your child will treasure.

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