Make the Sweet 16 a Birthday to Remember

A Sweet 16 birthday party should be a party to remember. You can make sure your daughter’s Sweet 16 is full of fun and creates memories. If you want to make her Sweet 16 a birthday she will always cherish, consider some themes to make the party a hit.

Amazing Race Sweet 16
If you have a teen that likes some adventure, consider an Amazing Race Sweet 16 party. This theme is just like the popular TV show. Party guests will have to go around town and pick up clues. The clues will instruct them to go to the next stop.

You can have family members hand out the clues. Have them sit in restaurants or in other parts of the town. Hand out the clues and then wait for the winner. Be sure to award the winner a nice prize for their hard work.

This is a fun party for those who want some adventure and like to stay on the move. This is much better than an old fashioned scavenger hunt and really allows guests to have a lot of fun.

Murder Mystery Party
If your child doesn’t want the standard party, consider a murder mystery party. This party is perfect for kids that like to have a great time. Have kids come dressed as a character and then let the fun begin. Stage a murder and then spend the evening having the kids solve it. Be sure to give the winner a prize.

If you choose this theme, make sure you put a great deal of thought into the mystery. Have clues around your house and let the kids have a lot of fun as they work to solve the mystery.

Bonfire Party
If your child wants a party where they can be as loud as they want and have as many people over as possible, a bonfire part will be perfect. Parents love to move the party outdoors, as it saves the home from the wreckage of a Sweet 16 party. Consider a bonfire party so you can keep your home nice and also give your child a great time.

Have lots of food and fun at your bonfire party. Put some games outside for the kids to play and let them entertain themselves. It will be less stress for you and lots of fun for the kids.

Spa Party
If you want to treat the birthday girl as a grown up, consider a spa party. A spa party will allow your daughter and her friends to be pampered. They can relax and spend the day gossiping and having fun. Your daughter will feel like a true adult and she will discover what luxury is.
Pick the right Sweet 16 theme for your child so she will have lots of fun. You want to make sure she has a great time at the party. Your daughter will only turn sixteen once, and you want to make sure it is a party to remember. The right theme will set the tone, and then the party will be a hit.

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