March Madness Party Activities

What is a party without games and activities? While the tournaments are the main attraction, you can make it all that more interesting with some activities that can be played before, during, and after the games. The fun can begin with a 1 on 1 March Madness tournament before the party and the ultimate drinking game during the games. If your guests are still up for more fun and games after the tournaments, try something more relaxing, like March Madness trivia. Trivia could get interesting, especially after the drinking game. Be sure to check out our March Madness party tips and ideas to be prepared for your party!

1 on 1 March Madness Tournament
Each person will be able to show off their own basketball skills. This is great for kids and adults alike.


Draw up a bracket and put names of each competitor on the bracket sheet. Place names randomly. The best way to do this is to put everyone’s name in a hat and draw.
Choose a referee. This is a great position for someone not wanting to compete. The referee will call fouls. If there is no referee, you are responsible for calling your own fouls.
Choose a scoring system for the game. Generally, one point will be awarded for normal shots, and two points will be awarded for shots that are made beyond the three-point line.
Determine a winning score. Generally, one on one hoop games will end at 11 points. Other common points are 7, 15, and 21.
Shoot a free throw to decide who will start.
Winner moves on with the next person on the bracket.

March Madness Drinking Game
These are fun even for those who do not like alcoholic drinks. Just listening for the specific phrases or watching for specific moves makes watching the tournaments that more interesting. Those playing this game must choose a team and stay with the team during the entire game. Have your guests choose a player. Do not allow them to choose a bench player, and no player can be chosen twice until all the starters have been chosen.


For each point your team scores, you must take one drink. For example, if your team scores 3, you take 3 drinks.
If the player you chose scores, you drink double.
When a player from either team dunks the ball, everyone must take two drinks. If the player happens to be from your team, you take two drinks for the dunk, and two drinks for the points. If he happens to be your player, you will drink double, which would be eight!
If any player on either team scores a 3 point shot, everyone must take 3 drinks. If the player is from your team, you will take 3 drinks for the shot and 3 drinks for the points. If it happens to be your player, you will drink double, which will be 12 drinks!
If any player scores from beyond the half-court, everyone has to finish their drink.
If someone shoots a game-winning shot and there are 2 or less seconds remaining, everyone must finish their drink.
Those who voted for the losing team must take a shot.

March Madness Trivia
Make up some questions about past March Madness events and questions about the players, current and past. The person who gets the most right wins a prize.

March Madness activities are a great way to get the party rolling.

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