March Madness Party Invitations

March Madness is around the corner! It is time to make up and send out your March Madness party invitations. Whether you want to invite friends only, family only, or mix it up with family and friends, you will want to send them an invitation that sets the atmosphere of your March Madness party. There are a lot of different templates you can find online to make up a fun March Madness invitation. However, if want to make them more unique, you can make them yourself. All it takes is some cardstock, art supplies, and a little imagination. Don’t forget to plan some March Madness Party Activities!

March Madness Basketball Ticket Invitation
Create a basketball ticket with “March Madness” as the main event. Make a mock copy of your favorite team’s ticket. Be sure to break up the information to appear like a ticket. For example, have a seat number section, and an RSVP section. The middle will include the basic information. For a fun affect, create a lanyard so they can wear the ticket to the party.

March Madness Basketball Invitation
Fold a piece of cardstock in half. Trace the shape of a basketball on the cardstock. Make sure to leave the top of the basketball on the fold of the paper. After you cut out the basketball, the front and back should be connected at the fold. Color the basketball orange with black stripes. You can use paint, markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

March Madness Player Invitation
Glue basketball trading cards onto white note cards or cardstock of a picture of your favorite team. On the inside, write party details.

March Madness Basketball Jersey
Make a cutout of a jersey out of cardstock. Draw a jersey on a folded piece of cardstock. Keep the top connected at the fold. Color or paint the jerseys of your favorite team’s colors. You could individualize them by sending the guest the color of the team they like. Write a number and name on the front and back of the jersey with party details inside.

Other Ideas for March Madness Party Invitations
Get creative. These are basic templates to create unique March Madness invitations. If you can draw, consider drawing a hoop with a basketball about to slam dunk into it. Use creating wording, such as: “Hoop it Up at our March Madness Party!” or “Slam Dunk March Madness Party.”

The Internet has a lot of templates and pictures to print for March Madness. You can combine Internet pictures with your creative imagination by attaching the picture on cardstock and creating the rest of the invitation on your own. For example, the front of the invitation could be something you print off the Internet, while the middle and back could be something you come up with.

Be sure to include in your March Madness invitation specific instructions, such as if you want them to wear their favorite jersey or a specific color. Include in the invitation the types of food you will have. Tell them if you will be having a full meal, or if you will be serving snacks. If they need to bring anything, remind them in the invitation.

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