Memorial Day Party Activities – Keeping your Guests Entertained

Memorial Day party activities are a great way to keep your guests entertained. While kids may do well just playing with each other, after a while they may get bored. Having a few activities on hand just for them is a great way to keep the kids out of trouble. The adults at your party will enjoy some Memorial Day party activities, as well. You may want to read our Memoridal Day Party Foods and other Memorial Day party ideas.

Memorial Day Party Activities for Kids

Create an obstacle course with crates, pillows, and chairs. Set up a limbo area at the very end.
Set up a children’s wading pool for the little ones.
Set up a sprinkler for the kids.
Play a game of red light, green light.
Play freeze tag.
Fill up balloons and have a water balloon toss.
A water relay race is a blast. The kids are to carry water in a plastic cup while they make music with a noise maker. First team to finish wins.
Set up a craft table with coloring pages, construction paper, markers, crayons, glue, foam cutouts, scissors (depending on the ages of the kids), etc.
Play “Pin the Hat on Uncle Sam”. Give each child a paper top hat to decorate. Blindfold the kids and have them stick the hat on Uncle Sam.
Play musical chairs.
Fly kites. Kids can make their own kites with the colors of the American Flag to honor those who died for our country. See instructions below on how to make a kite.

Adult Memorial Day Party Activities

Play bocce.
Play a game of horseshoes.
Play volleyball.
Play a game of touch football.
Have a Hawaiian shirt contest.
Have a Limbo competition.
Play cards, such as Blackjack or Poker.
Play board games.
Play Charades.
Get out the Karaoke machine.

How to Make a Diamond-Shaped Kite

This is an activity that will need an adult’s supervision. However, the adults and kids alike will have a blast making the kite and will have even more fun when the kite takes flight.


Wood Dowels
Packaging Tape
Cloth or ribbon for tail


Draw a perfect square on a roll of paper.
Cut out the square with scissors.
Turn the paper so that it looks like a diamond.
Decorate the kite with red, white, and blue colors or any way the kids would like.
Fold from one side to the other.
Open the paper and place the wooden dowel vertically on the fold line.
Put another dowel horizontally on top of the first dowel in the center of the paper.
Secure the dowels together with tape.
Place the dowels along the edges. Tape them securely to the paper.
Cut off any excess paper.
Make the kite stronger by adding tape to the edges and center of the kite.
Make two holes with the vertical dowel in the middle, just above the center point.
Make two holes below the center line, as well.
Pull a string through both sets of holes and tie them together to make a place for the keel of the kite.
Tie the string to the keel of the kite.
Make a tail for the kite out of a strip of cloth or ribbon.

Your kite is ready to fly!

Although these Memorial Day party activities are broken down into categories for kids and adults, there are many activities where kids and adults can play the same games. These Memorial Day party activities are sure to keep the children and adults at your party entertained for hours.

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