Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas

If your child loves Mickey Mouse, you can make his birthday extra special by throwing him a Mickey Mouse birthday party. All you will need is the right cake, decorations, games and gifts and your party will be a hit.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Cake

Every great party has a great cake. Luckily, it’s easy to make an amazing Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Simply get a Mickey Mouse shaped cake pan and bake the cake inside of it. Then, decorate it with some icing. When you are done, you will have a fun cake that everyone will enjoy.

You can also bake or purchase a plain cake, and use Mickey Mouse cake toppers to turn the cake into a magical Mickey Mouse cake. Toppers can be purchased online and in party supply stores, and vary in size, shape and appearance. Simply pick toppers out that will go with your cake and theme, and you will be all set.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Decorations

You will also have lots of options for decorations. First, get a personalized banner. The banner can have Mickey and the gang on it, and include a happy birthday message for your child.

You can also get a Mickey Mouse cardboard cutout. These come in different sizes, and are a lot of fun for kids. It will feel like Mickey is there with them.

Finally, add some balloons, streamers and Mickey Mouse figurines. These decorations will transform the space into a Mickey Mouse wonderland, which is exactly what your child and his guests want.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Games

You can start the party off with a Mickey Mouse obstacle course. Put up something to symbolize the Mickey Mouse clubhouse. It can be something as simple as a cardboard box. Then, create an obstacle course. Have chairs, tires, and other items the kids will need to get around in order to make it to the clubhouse.

Next, put two sets of Mickey ears on the clubhouse, and divide the kids into two teams. Then, start the race. Each team will send one person through the obstacle course. The children will need to reach the clubhouse, grab the ears, and race back. They will hand the ears off to the next person, and that person will then run through the course. The winning team will receive a prize.

You can also have a Mickey Mouse coloring session, where all of the kids will get to color a picture and you will decide the winner. Additionally, you can have a Mickey Mouse piñata, and end play time with a Mickey Mouse movie or story.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Gifts

You will also need to provide your guests with a gift bag. There are lots of affordable options. You can include:

Mickey Mouse ears
Mickey Mouse temporary tattoos
Mickey Mouse bubbles
Mickey Mouse yo-yos
These are just a few of your options. You will find lots of great gifts online and in party stores.

Now you are ready to start planning your Mickey Mouse birthday party. Use these ideas as a guide so you can create a party that your child will love.

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