More Martha Stewart Bridal Party Ideas

A bridal shower is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. It can seem like an overwhelming task at first. It’s a lot of pressure to measure up to someone like Martha Stewart. She’s the ideal when it comes to throwing the perfect shower. So, instead of getting freaked, get stoked. Here are some tips to turn this into the wonderful memory the bride deserves and you can have fun while planning!

An important thing to consider is that the shower is held one to two months before the wedding. Make sure that you and the bride agree on the date the shower should be held and let those in the bridal shower know as soon as possible so that they can all clear their calendars for the event.

The Perfect Location
Martha Stewart would probably agree that a beautiful tea party themed soiree is optimal for a bridal shower. It encompasses all that a beautiful bride needs to celebrate. It’s simple, yet elegant. The best part is you can have this party in your parlor or garden for the perfect atmosphere.

The Invitations
The great thing about tea parties and Martha Stewart is that you can’t go wrong with being simply elegant. Simple card stock with classy printing or engraving tied up with a bit of ribbon can make for a beautiful invitation.

The Menu
An afternoon tea party allows you to stick with simple tea sandwiches, tea, of course, light hors d’oevres and treat. It’s best to serve the food and beverages buffet style since the menu is usually a light menu and not a plated entrée type meal. The tables and buffet table should be decorated with simple linens and flowers. Light colors are always beautiful for this occasion, but it’s a good idea to keep the bride’s color preference as first choice.

There should be assorted pots of teas. Include fruit teas, herbal teas, black tea, English breakfast tea and decaffeinated teas as well for the beverages. Included with the beverages, you can choose a nice blushing bride champagne to help the party celebrate.

Assorted tea sandwiches should be placed on tiered serving dishes. Sandwiches such as egg salad, cucumber and mint, smoked salmon and green onion and chicken salad with grapes are very popular and offer a wonderful variety. Be sure the crust is cut off of the bread and they in the shape of small triangles. Feel free to mix up the selection of breads as well.

As a side dish with the sandwiches, a nice spinach salad and fruit salad will compliment the light meal. Along with the sandwiches, you should provide an assortment of scones and muffins. Chocolate covered strawberries are a delicious option to include with the desserts, as are chocolate truffles, fruit tarts and angel food cupcakes.

The Perfect Bridal Shower Games
Here are three games to play at the shower that are sure to get the girls giggling.

Two Truths and One Lie
In this game each lady will introduce herself and tell the others three things about herself. Two of them are true and one of them will be a lie. The other ladies will write down or yell out which they believe is the lie. Whoever gets the most lies right, wins!

Award your winning guest with a box of tea cookies.

Cotton Head
Pick one of the guests to sit in the middle of the room. Have a bowl of cotton balls ready to go and give her the bowl with a wooden spoon. Then blindfold her. The objective of the game is for each guest to take a turn and pile as many cotton balls on her head within 30 seconds. Whoever gets the most, wins.

Award your guest with a tea pot and tea strainer.

Who Am I?
Before the shower starts, have a list ready of famous couples. They can be real or fictional. Write the names down on a name tag and place them on the back of each guest. Using 20 questions that can only be answered with yes or no, each guest will try to guess who they are. The first lady to guesses correctly, wins.

Award her with a box of tea candies.

Party Favors
Send your guests home with a token that will help them remember this special party.

Here are some options:

Tea light candles.
Small containers with loose tea and a tea ball.
Hand made soaps.
Small tins of tea cookies.

A seed packet with a towel.

A cookie cutter with a decorated jar of homemade cookie mix.

Enjoy your tea!

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