Mother’s Day Party Ideas

These Mother’s Day party ideas will help you celebrate your mom in style. Moms are nurturing with their unconditional love and warmth. They deserve to have a special day that is dedicated just for them. Share how you feel about your mom by giving her a surprise Mother’s Day party. Let her know how special she is. Make her the Queen of the party.

Mother’s Day Party Ideas – Invitations
Send out the invitations at least two weeks prior to the party. While Mother’s Day would be the ultimate date for your party, it may be better to have it the weekend before Mother’s Day. This will ensure other mothers are able to attend, as they will likely have something special they will be doing on Mother’s Day.

You can make your own invitations. Mother’s Day invitations are simple. All you need are pictures of flowers and butterflies and you are good to go. Make sure to include on the invitation that this is a surprise.

Mother’s Day Party Ideas – Decorations
Decorating for the party is fun and gets your mom and the guests in the mood to party. You will want to decorate based on the theme you choose for your party. Here are some general decorating ideas for a Mother’s Day party.

Flowers are great decorations for any Mother’s Day theme. Include your mother’s favorite flower among the mix.
Use your mother’s favorite colors as the color scheme of the decorations.
Put out some photographs that will capture the memorable moments you have spent with your mom. Create a huge collage and hang.
Find pictures of your mom with her mom. This is a special gift that she will cherish at her party.
Create a banner that says a special message. Hang it in the entrance of the party room.
Hang small banners throughout the party room that have nice quotes about mothers.
Create an atmosphere that is relaxing to allow for all the moms to enjoy themselves. Candles seem to create a serene atmosphere.
Have specific decorations that coincide with the theme of your party.

Mother’s Day Party Ideas – Games and Activities

Play “How well do you know your Mother/Child?” – Team up mothers with their children. Write down questions that the children have to answer about the mother and the mother has to answer about her children. Examples of questions: “What time does your mother usually go to bed?” “What is your child’s favorite book?” “What is your mother’s favorite color?” etc. They will be amazed at how much they don’t know about each other and it is a great way for them to get to know each other on a different level.
Have a “Photo-Matching Competition” – Have each family bring a baby photo of their mom, as well as a baby photo of each child in the family. Assign a letter to each of the mom’s baby photos and assign a number to each of the children’s baby photos. Place the baby photos of all the moms onto a poster board. On a separate poster board, place all the baby photos of the kids. Be sure you know which number goes with which letter. Give your guests a piece of paper and have them write down the letters that appear on the poster board that has the photos of the moms. Then have them write down one or more numbers next to that letter of who they think belongs to that mom. The person with the most right guesses wins.
Play outdoor games where everyone can be involved.

These Mother’s Day party ideas are fun and simple and will ensure your mom has a great time at the Mother’s Day party.

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