Mother’s Day Party Themes

There are many different Mother’s Day party themes to choose from. It all depends on your style and what your circle of family and friends enjoy to do. Mother’s Day is the best day to have a party, but sometimes it is better to plan it on another day so all the moms can attend.
Mother’s Day Party Themes – Potluck Brunch

Send out personal invitations, such as one that you have made yourself to the special moms you plan to invite. In the invitation, ask your guests to bring a dish to share. Tell them this will be a brunch so they will bring something appropriate for a brunch. The time should be set between late morning and early afternoon.

Decorations can include flowers, balloons, butterflies, etc. Make a banner that welcomes all the moms. Set out plates, cups, silverware, and napkins. Make sure to have enough tables for your guests to put their potluck dish. Have a variety of beverages, such as: tea, coffee, water, lemonade, water, etc.

With a potluck brunch, everyone can relax and enjoy the different foods everyone has prepared. Moms do not have to worry about preparing a full course meal. The point of the brunch is to allow moms to gather together with other moms to tell motherhood stories and reminisce about their children, as well as the good old days.

Mother’s Day Party Themes – Mother – Daughter Tea
This is an elegant way to celebrate mothers and daughters. They can dress up in their fancy dresses, sip herbal tea, taste fancy desserts, and talk, talk, talk!

Send out invitations two weeks before the party. Slip in a wrapped herbal tea into each invitation. In the invitation, ask the mothers and daughters to dress in tea party style, including gloves and hats.
Setting Up

Setting up for your tea party can take a couple of hours. Transform your party room into an elegant tea shop. Add a sheer tablecloth to the table. Use your best China, a fancy teapot, and tea cups. Mixing and matching China will be okay for this occasion.

Begin preparing the room by having classical music playing in the background. Light some white candles to create a sense of elegance. Tie gossamer into big full bows. Tie them around the back of each chair. Swag the gossamer all throughout the party room for added elegance. For your table, create a centerpiece with flowers and balloons.

Of course, you will want to provide tea, lemonade, and water. There are many different elegant treats you can provide at your tea party. The key is to have them in tiny portions. Have tea size sandwiches, bite size brownies, bite size cheesecakes, etc.

Decorate Sugar Cookies – Have the cookies already made. Set out bowls of different colors of frosting, as well as tubes of colored icing for writing. Also, set out candies. Have the moms and daughters create their own designs.
Make Teacups – They can paint their own teacups. You can get blank teacups from your local ceramics store. This is a wonderful craft that will always remind them of this mother-daughter tea party. Have them write the date on the bottom of the teacup.
Picture Frames – Have the moms and daughters each make their own picture frame. Take two Polaroid pictures of them together and give each one to each of them. Have some pretty foil wrapping paper and other pretty embellishments to decorate their frame. This is something they will treasure forever.

More Mother’s Day Party Themes

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These are just a few ideas for Mother’s Day party themes. Get creative and come up with some unique Mother’s Day party themes that are sure to please any mom invited to your party.

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