Oscar Party Ideas: Glitz and Glamour

Gather up your friends for a fun and exciting Oscar party. Roll out a red carpet and give your home a Hollywood atmosphere with these Oscar party ideas. Your Oscar party will be the most anticipated party of the year as your guests prepare to celebrate in style. See other Oscar Party ideas.

Oscar Party Ideas: Invitations
What better invitation for an Oscar party than a movie ticket? For fun design templates of movie tickets, simply search the Internet for some unique printable versions. Make your own movie ticket invitations with just a few pieces of cardstock and a little bit of imagination.

Create a glamorous Oscar party invitation that will give your guests an idea of the atmosphere your party will have. Create a black and white invitation with gold stars, tuxedos, spotlight stickers, director’s chair, etc.

Your guests will feel extra special when they receive a unique Oscar awards envelope invitation. Make an off center tri-fold out of heavy stock paper. Seal it with a gold seal. Another symbolic invitation for the Oscars is to sketch out a form of the actual Oscar or print one from the Internet. Paste it onto the invitations. Or, consider cutting the cardstock into the shape of an Oscar.

Be sure that if your Oscar party will be fancy that you tell your guests the required dress attire. Remember to tell your guests if there will be a meal or just appetizers. Also, if you decide to have an Oscar Party Pool, include the ballot in the invitation.
Oscar Party Ideas: Oscar Party Pool Ballots (Include with Invitations)

What is an Oscar party without an Oscar party pool? It is fun and simple to do. Go to www.oscar.com and make out copies of their printable ballots. Print the ballots on gold paper and put in with the invitations. Make extra copies to keep at home in case someone forgets to bring theirs. See the article “Entertaining Oscar Party Games” for more details.

Oscar Party Ideas: Decorations

Roll out a red carpet or red sheet for your guests to walk down. Use card stock to make a “Hollywood” sign. Make a megaphone, scene marker, director’s chair, or any other movie themed ideas.

Purchase some posters of the nominated stars or of the nominated best pictures. Hang them on the walls.

Create a “walk of fame” for your guests. Make stars out of poster board. Put the names of your guests on them. Be sure to include everyone on your guest list. Have them laminated or purchase contact paper to make them more durable.

Decorate your table with elegant table settings. Use rich colors, such as black, gold, red, or burgundy. Use elegant glassware. For a centerpiece, fill a top hat with candy or flowers or for a more elegant look, fill crystal glasses with colored water, jeweled stones, or floating candles. Scatter glitter and star shaped confetti on the tables.

Have a podium area or “center stage” with a microphone where people can go to accept any awards they might win throughout the night at your party.

Add in some white star shaped lights throughout the room for added glitz and sparkle.

Hang silver or gold stars from the ceilings.

Make sure television is located in a place where all can see, as the Academy Awards show is the true focal point of the evening.

Oscar Party Ideas: Guests Arrival
The spotlight will be on your guests as they arrive. Take pictures of your guests as they are walking down the red carpet. If you have a Polaroid camera, you can give them a picture to take home. If not, send them a printed photo later. The point is to make sure there are a lot of flashes.

Announce your guests with a microphone as they walk in. Ahead of time, create some fun phrases that will best introduce that guest. Make sure you remember to record all of the entrances. You can make a DVD and give to your guests at a later date. This will be an entrance they will never forget!

These Oscar party ideas are sure to help your guests celebrate the Oscars in style.

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