Our Top 5 Best Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

Make your son or daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party one that will be remembered for years to come. Some of the hottest party ideas for a teen birthday party are birthday party themes. Believe it or not, your child is still not too old for a themed party!

However, it depends on the child, so it is important to talk with your teen before you host this type of birthday party bash. We have included popular 16th party themes, as well as some more traditional 16th birthday party ideas to help you create a super sweet sixteen party for your special teen.

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1. Mardi Gras
You don’t have to live in New Orleans to create this unique party. The colors and music help set the atmosphere. There is a huge assortment of Mardi Gras party decorations that can be found online. Go for green, gold, and purple color schemes. Recreate Mardi Gras with doubloons (colorful coins), masks, beads, floats, and New Orleans brass band music.

2. Luau
Hosting a luau has grown in popularity. There are many luau birthday party items that can be found in party stores and online. Incorporate stylish pink, yellow, and orange colors throughout the party. A luau isn’t a true luau without palm trees and tropical flowers. Set the tone of the party with artificial palm trees, leis, grass skirts, coconuts, lanterns, tropical lights, tiki torches, and bamboo sticks. Cut the coconuts in half to create cups and use the bamboo stick to play limbo to beach and island music.

3. Fiesta
Party planning for this exhilarating party bash is made simpler because of all the great ideas, packages, and party supplies that can be found in party stores and online. A Fiesta party has to include vibrant colors, sombreros, piñatas, paper lanterns, Mexican blankets, and maracas. Set the tone with up beat music, such as “Conga” and “Mexican Hat Dance”.

4. Graveyard Goth
If vibrant colors are not your style, then this unique black 16th birthday theme could be the perfect way to celebrate. This type of party symbolizes the “death” of childhood and the “birth” of adulthood. Have everyone dress in black. Decorate in gray, black, ethereal white, deep green, or dark blood-red colors. Add in some dried flowers, a cardboard coffin, gravestones, skeletons, skulls, etc. Go for a scavenger hunt in the dark.

5. Sock Hop Party
Rent out the gym and jukebox to set the scene for this 50s bash. If a real jukebox is too expensive, rent or buy an inflatable one and just put a CD player behind it playing 50s music. Have the kids take off their shoes as this is what they did in the 50s to protect the floors. Cover the tables with black and white checkered cloth, purchase life sized replicas of classic cars and celebrities from that time era, have yo-yos and hula hoops out all over the gym, and have a mini-drag race complete with mini cars and someone waving a scarf.

Traditional Birthday Party Ideas

Camping – For your outdoorsy teen, go out to the lake for some fishing, camping, boating, jet skiing, and 4-wheeling.
Dinner Theater – For your artistic teen, dress up and go to see a play for dinner.
Amusement Park – Take a few friends to the nearest amusement park for the weekend.
Special Trip – Go on an exotic trip.
Special Event – For your daredevil, go bungee jumping, rock climbing, sky diving, or take flying lessons.


Whether you have an outgoing teen that loves to make an entrance at a themed birthday party, or you have a teen that likes the more traditional approach, these party themes will create a special birthday for a memorable sweet sixteen.

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