Pajama Party Ideas for Girls of all Ages

Pajama parties are not just for little girls. These pajama party ideas are designed for girls of all ages. The pajama party ideas you use will depend on the age of your girl. A pajama party is something that every girl should experience at least once in her life.

Pajama Party Ideas for Preschoolers

If your child is not ready for an all girls sleepover, you can still have a pajama party! Invitation ideas include:

Slipper Invitation

Sleeping Bag Invitation

Pillow Invitation

Have your daughter help you decorate the invitations. Put the child’s name that is being invited on the front of the invitation you choose, and on the opposite side of the invitation, write the details of the party. Ask the girls to come to the party dressed in their favorite pajamas. Have them bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and special stuffed animal. Make sure to include that this is not a sleepover. Consider having an afternoon pajama party so the girls do not get too tired.

Decorate the room with balloons and streamers. Have your daughter help make decorations out of colored paper or have her color pictures taken off of the Internet. Some ideas are: moon, stars, teddy bears, slippers, sleeping bag, pillow, etc.

To set the mood of the party, have some songs that are geared towards bedtime. Play songs like:

Mr. Sandman

Dancing in the Dark

Goodnight Sweetheart

Any Children’s Lullabies

Play games to these songs, such as hot “pillow”, musical chairs, freeze dance, or simply dance to the music.

The pajama party food will depend on the time of day of your party. However, a good rule of thumb is to have healthy snacks available, such as: grapes, orange slices, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc. Make a teddy bear cake with a night cap and moon in his hand. You can purchase a teddy bear mold at your local cake shop.

Pajama Party Ideas for School Ages Girls

This is the perfect age for a sleepover. Girls love to hang out all night with their best friends! You will want to have input from your daughter on pretty much every aspect of the party; however, here are some pajama party ideas to consider.

Here is a really neat invitation that will get the girls who are invited excited for the party. Make a pillowcase invitation. It is simple to make and very unique to each girl.

Simply cut out a 7 by 10 inch piece of fabric.

Put the printed side down and fold up a ¾ inch strip along the long edge.

Use fabric glue to seal it.

Next, turn the cloth around and put glue along the three edges that are not folded.

Fold the cloth in half and press down on all edges so they bond better. This is your pillowcase.

Write the girl’s name to be invited to the party on the front of the pillow case.

Once dry, turn the pillowcase inside out.

Cut a piece of card stock to fit the inside of the case.

Decorate invitation and include details of the pajama party.

Girls at this age will generally have their own ideas for fun. Music and movies are generally a hit at a sleepover party. Have a few board games on hand. Make pizza for dinner, popcorn for the movie, and all kinds of munchies to snack on, and you will be set.

Party Pajama Ideas for Teens

Even teenagers like to have a pajama party. Some girls like to have a co-ed pajama party. Of course, the boys have to leave at a specific time. Once the boys are gone, the girls can relax and just be girls. For a teen pajama party, there is not much you have to do. Simply have whatever movies and music on hand your daughter likes. A DVD game is a hit for girls at this age. Make sure there are plenty of your daughter’s favorite snacks. That is all the pajama party ideas you will need for a teen pajama party. The girls will pretty much take care of the rest!

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