Princess Birthday Cakes – Simple Ideas for Special Birthdays

Your daughter is getting ready to have a birthday party, and you want to provide her with a cake that she will love. Since most little girls want to be princesses, princess birthday cakes are perfect for the special occasion. Of course, simply deciding to have a princess birthday cake is not enough. You also need to decide which type of princess cake to have and how to make it. Also see other kid’s birthday cake idea:

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

Cinderella birthday cakes are among the most popular of the princess birthday cakes. While there are many different designs to choose from, many people like creating a castle cake. Cinderella and her prince can stand in front of the castle.

Cinderella Princess Birthday Cake Recipe and Design

You can use any type of cake recipe that you want for this cake. The key is in the design. In order to design your cake properly, you need:

A square cake with white icing (any sized cake will do)

5 empty paper towel rolls

5 sugar ice cream cones

Blue sugar

White icing such as butter cream

Once you make the cake, put white icing on the five empty paper towel rolls. Turn each paper towel roll in sugar to make it sparkly. Place the paper towel rolls on top of the cake. Then, put the blue sugar on the five ice cream cones and place them upside down on the paper towel rolls. Now you have five turrets. Next, simply add Cinderella and prince figurines to the front of the castle, and you will have a Cinderella cake that will wow your child and her friends.

Snow White Birthday Cakes

Snow White birthday cakes are also popular with those who want a princess birthday cake. Again, there are several options for Snow White Birthday cakes. However, if you want to create a cake that will awe your daughter (and all of her guests) consider making a doll cake.

Snow White Princess Birthday Cake Design and Supplies

A Snow White doll cake is slightly more challenging than a Cinderella cake, but you can pull it off without a problem if you have the right supplies. You will need:

Three eight inch round cakes

One eight inch cake baked in an oven proof round glass bowl

A Snow White Doll

Creating Your Snow White Cake

Once you have your supplies, you will be ready to make the cake. You will need to follow several steps.

Cut the dome off the three 8” cakes.

Cut the cake that was made in the round bowl in half.

Use a pastry cutter to cut a hole in the middle of each cake.

Put parchment paper under the cake.

Ice the top of the first cake.

Invert the second cake and place it on top of the first.

Ice that cake.

Continue doing this until all of the cakes are together. Make sure the cake you cooked in the glass bowl is on top.

Place frosting on the sides of the cake.

Remove the pieces of parchment paper and put the cake in the freezer for about 45 minutes.

Frost the cake with yellow frosting, since yellow is the color of Snow White’s dress.

Take a snow-white doll, wrap it with plastic wrap and stick it in the hole in the middle of the cake.

Put a little bit more frosting on the cake to fill up the hole.

Once you complete these steps, you will have a Snow White cake. The doll will stick out of the top of the cake, and the cake will look like her dress. This is a fantastic design and is certain to be a hit with your guests.

Princess birthday cakes are a lot of fun. Your daughter and her guests will get a kick out of the beautiful cake, and they will certainly love the taste when you cut into it.

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