Romantic Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to lovers. Whether you are involved in a relationship or have a special person you want to confront, a Valentine’s Day party is the best way to celebrate and express these feelings. It is the perfect atmosphere to share those most intimate feelings or to give you that extra bit of confidence you need to express new feelings. Help your friends to spruce of their love life by hosting a Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations
Creating a romantic atmosphere is the key to a successful Valentine’s Day party. Use the color red as much as possible. This represents the heart, which is what this day is all about. White is a great color to add to the red.

Hang hearts from your ceiling. Purchase hearts or make some out of cardboard. Paint some red and some white and decorate with sparkling jewels. This is an adult party, so try to make them more elegant.
Roses are another symbol of love on Valentine’s Day. For your main entrance, create a garland of red roses.
Create a garland out of hearts for the room.
Make or buy a banner that welcomes your guests to your Valentine’s Day party.
Cupids are popular at Valentine’s Day. You can find cupids at any gift shop at this time of year.
Heart shaped candles create a calm and romantic atmosphere. Add in lace and ribbons to create a beautiful centerpiece or table decorations.
Play romantic songs. This is a sure way to create romance in the air.

Valentine’s Day Party Treats
Valentine’s Day party treats are a great way to enhance the mood of your Valentine’s Day party. Keep in mind that hearts are the theme. With the use of some different sized heart shaped cookie cutters or cake pans, you can create some really cute Valentine’s Day party treats. Be creative. Hearts are easy to shape if cookie cutters will not work.

Here are just a few ideas:

Meat hearts – Instead of meatballs, create some mini meat hearts with the same recipe as meatballs. Add ketchup for the red theme to the top of the hearts.
Mini Pepperoni Heart Pizzas
Heart Shaped Sandwiches of all types of meats
Valentine Red Punch
Champagne or Red Wine
Cherries, candies or any type of Valentines candy in a heart shaped dish
Strawberries and Whipped Cream – A Valentine’s Day favorite! Heart cupcakes
Heart cake
Heart cupcakes

Valentine’s Day Party Games for Adults
While it is a day for romance, it is also a party. Break the ice with some Valentine’s Day party games. Here are just a few couple’s games:

Couple’s Trivia – Both partners are given a questionnaire. They are both to answer questions about the other person. The couple who gets the most right will win. If there is a tie, come up with some more difficult questions. Whoever wins that round will win the prize. This is a game to see how well the couples know one another.
Paper Dance – This is a competition between couples and gives the couples a chance to be close and talk or kiss or whatever! Start off with a decent sized paper. After each song, the paper is folded in half. The couple that can stay on the paper without slipping or falling off wins!
Heart Toss – Grab your partner or divide into teams. One person will hold a large basket. Your partner or team member will stand 10 to 15 feet away. He or she will toss candy hearts into the basket for a designated time. The couple or team with the most wins.

Don’t forget to allow time for the couples to talk. Make it into a game. Have each person describe the other with a word or phrase. This is a great ice breaker! It is the perfect excuse for someone to express exactly how they feel. Your Valentine’s Day party will be one these couples will remember forever.

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