Roundup the Fun with a Cowgirl Themed Party

If your daughter wants a cowgirl themed birthday party, you need to start planning so you can give her the party she has dreamed of having. A cowgirl themed party can be a lot of fun, and with the right planning, your daughter will not be disappointed.

Every great party starts with invitations. If you want to create an invitation that is fun, go to your home computer. Create an invitation with a wanted poster.

Put your daughter’s picture in the poster and use the following wording: “You Are Wanted to Attend My Cowgirl Party.”

It is a fun way to get the message out to the guests.

Party Favors
Be sure to greet the cowboys and cowgirls at the door with bandanas. They can tie their bandanas around their necks so they can be honorary cowboys and cowgirls for the day.

You can also have little plastic horses for party favors, as well as lassos. You can easily create a lasso out of a rope, and it is an easy and affordable party favor.

You want to make sure your favorite cowgirl has the perfect decorations. Bales of hay are nice decorations for a cowgirl party. You can also make Wanted posters. Get pictures of the birthday girl and the guests. Put the pictures on Wanted posters. The kids will love it. This will also go along with the invitations, thus solidifying the Wanted theme.

Also, put some cowgirl hats around the room and some toy horses. Be sure to hang up a lasso as well.

A bicycle rodeo is a great way to bring out the cowgirl spirit at a party. Set up obstacles in the backyard and have the kids race around them. Use two barrels so the kids can make figure eights between them. Be sure to set up boundaries with orange cones. The kids that manage to stay within the boundaries will advance to the next level. Eventually, you will have the final two go up against each other, and the winner will receive a prize.

Remember to keep the rounds short so no one is sitting out for too long. You want to keep all of the kids involved.

You can also have a lasso contest. Use a stuffed sheep or another stuffed animal. Have the kids work at lassoing the animal. The child that brings the animal in first wins. They should also receive a small prize.

Chow Time
Be sure to find the perfect Western meal. You could go with chili, as it has a western flair. Some kids do not like chili, though, so you may want to consider fried chicken and biscuits. They will get to enjoy a cowgirl meal and it is a food most kids like.

Your little cowgirl is sure to have the birthday of a lifetime with a themed party. A cowgirl themed party creates an environment of spirited fun both the birthday girl and guests are certain to enjoy. Make sure it is full of decorations and activities so the kids will have an experience of a lifetime.

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