Special Birthday Parties for Girls

Planning a special birthday party for a girl can be fun, but remember girls have changed over the years. Although they still enjoy dressing up and experimenting with make-up, many of them love the freedom of running and playing games that used to be considered just for boys.

When selecting the theme of your special party, it’s important that you are aware of the nature of the girls attending the party. What may have been considered fun for previous generations may have gone by the wayside now as girls are becoming more and more involved in sports. When planning the activities at the party, be sure to keep in mind the interests of girls involved.

Dress Up Tea Party Theme
For little girls, dressing up in funny clothes can be a lot of fun. You can arrange to have lots of fancy shoes, hats, and dresses for them, and they can select their own outfit for the party. I’d throw in a few boas for an extra laugh or two.
You may even want to assign them funny names like Mrs. Fanny Pack or Madame Lottie Giggles.
Small girls will enjoy wearing the baggy clothes and sporting their new alias, and they will probably entertain themselves throughout the party. However, make sure you have some activities involved that will help them burn off some energy.
A perfect activity for this kind of party is dancing. Put on some of their favorite songs and watch those boas swing. You may even decide to have a quick game of musical chairs.

Doll Theme
This could be a variation of the Dress Up Tea Party theme. The guests bring their own dolls to the party. Fancy sandwiches and finger food can be served. The girls will sit around the table, holding their babies as they chat with their friends and enjoy their food. Be sure to have a small portion prepared for each of the dolls. Even though, the guests will eat all the food, they will enjoy pretending to feed their children.

Olympic Theme
Make sure you have plenty of room for this type of party. You may choose a location at a nearby park where there will be plenty of room for planned races. The 50-yard-dash, long jump, and relay are just a few of the possibilities. Volleyball, badminton, or even softball competition can be included in your selection of events. Just choose your events according to the space you have and the number of girls attending the party.

Pool Party Theme
A pool party can be as relaxed or as organized as you wish. You can run your pool party with an Olympic Theme by organizing competitions in the pool. Pool volleyball is a great competitive activity that’s easy to organize. Another possibility is set up walking or running races in the water. When everyone gets tired, just bring out the snacks and let everyone lounge around the pool.

For this type of party, you will want to have plenty of adult supervision.

If you plan ahead and keep in mind that little girls enjoy activities as well as dressing up, you will have a successful party. Make sure you have batteries for you camera so you can capture the memories of this special event.

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