Summer Baby Shower Theme

A summer baby shower theme can be a lot of fun and will be memorable for the mom-to-be. There are many different ways to put together a summer baby shower theme. Here are two summer baby shower themes that you can create for some “fun in the sun.” Also see more baby shower party ideas.

Beach Baby Shower Theme
Creating a beach themed atmosphere is simple and will be a baby shower that the mom-to-be and her guests will remember for years to come.

Beach Baby Shower Theme Invitations
Make a flip flop sandal from cardstock or foam sheets. For the front strap, use ribbon, sequins, or feathers. On the front of the flip flop, make up a poem or simply write, “You’re invited to a baby shower at the beach.” On the back, make sure you put the details of the shower.

Beach Baby Shower Theme Decorations
Simply fill up the room with beach items, such as:

Beach balls
Flip flops
Lounge chairs
Beach towels

You can put the snacks in sand buckets around the room. For the appearance of water, drape light or dark blue plastic table cloths on the walls. Add in a bubble machine for that summer fun feeling. Decorate the food table with a blue tablecloth and edible sand. Put shovels, buckets, sea shells, and tea lights on the table for a beach look. Add in some beach baby items, such as onesies, baby sun visors, baby hats, baby swimming robes, baby sunglasses, and a baby swimsuit.

Beach Baby Shower Theme Foods
Fill up a glass bowl with blue Jell-o and gummy fish. Make up some octopus hot dogs. Simply cut the hotdogs halfway up each side and into four strips. Boil them in water. This will cause the hot dog strips to curl up like octopus legs. For the cake, make a beach castle ice cream cake.

Beach Baby Shower Theme Activities
– Beach Ball Toss – Have guests stand in a circle and throw a beach ball to a person. They should state their name and how they know the mom-to-be. Once everyone has had a turn, pass the beach ball around for everyone to sign and to give the baby a wish.
– Beach Dress Up Relay – Split guests up into teams. Put out two piles of beach items that include swim suits and other clothing items. Guests must put all the swim items on and pose for a picture on a surf board or ironing board before they can tag the next person in line.
– Musical Beach Towels – This is similar to musical chairs, except you use beach towels. Put beach towels on the floor in a circle. Play beach music.
– Limbo – This is a fun beach game, but mom-to-be will probably have to sit out for this one.

Sunflower Baby Shower Theme
Sunflowers symbolize summer and are a perfect addition for a baby shower. Make up some sunflower invitations. In the circle of the flower, make up a baby shower invitation poem. See our article, “Cute Baby Shower Invitation Poems” for some great ideas.

For decorations, put a sunflower floral arrangement in the center of each table. Use yellow, white, and green decorations throughout the room. Add in balloons of these colors. Use sunflower plates, pitchers, glasses, napkins, etc. Have a sunflower for the cake. Put some baby items out that are decorated in sunflowers. To keep the theme of sunflowers going, give prizes that have sunflowers on them, such as a pitcher, photo album, sunflower centerpiece, etc.

A summer baby shower theme is a great way to celebrate the anticipated arrival of a precious little baby.

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