Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

A surprise birthday party is a special party that the birthday person will never forget. These surprise 30th birthday party ideas are designed to give you ways to plan a surprise party without ruining the surprise. There is nothing more frustrating than to have the birthday person find out about the surprise before it happens. Be sure to read our 30th Birthday Decorating Ideas.

Try these surprise 30th birthday party ideas to help you strategize on who to invite, the location and date, and how you will get the guest-of-honor to the party location without finding out about the surprise.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas – Guest List
This is obviously the most important part of the party. While decorations and games may be fun, the people at the party are what make the surprise party memorable. If you plan on inviting friends or family from out of town, make sure to invite them in plenty of time to allow them to make plans for travel, such as getting time off of work or making plans for the kids.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas – Date
Consider having the party a few days before the guest-of-honor’s actual birthday. This will help to ensure it is an actual surprise. If you try to make plans right around the actual day, he/she will likely get suspicious. However, if you try to take the guest-of-honor out a week before his/her birthday, then that suspicion may not be there as much.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas – Location
The location of the party will depend on the environment you want. If you want to have an elegant dinner, then make reservations at his/her favorite restaurant. If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, consider renting a banquet hall or going to a more casual restaurant where they can provide enough seating. Afterwards, consider going to a nearby bar for drinks so the guest of honor can hang out with friends he/she has not seen in a long time. Going to a restaurant before going to a bar will allow parents, grandparents, kids, and other family members not too keen on the bar scene to join in on the surprise.

Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas – Getting the Guest of Honor to the Location
This can be tricky, but with some simple planning you will be able to pull off the surprise. Make sure to have the guests arrive at least a half hour earlier. In the invitations, tell guests that they need to be there at a specific time if they want to be a part of the surprise. However, also give the option of coming about 15 minutes after the guest-of-honor is to arrive. In any case, make it very clear that if the guests cannot make it a half hour early, then ask them to wait until 15 minutes after so they do not ruin the surprise. Now, you to come up with a valid reason why you would be going to the location you are heading and get their precisely on time.

Take into consider these surprise 30th birthday party ideas to ensure you plan a successful surprise party.

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