Through The Years Retirement Theme Party

Planning a retirement party is an intimate assignment. This party theme doesn’t just commemorate the work the retiree has done. It also symbolizes the relationships built while working with the company. Everyone who attends a retirement theme party does so because they care about the guest of honor. This type of party can be a surprise event or one that is traditional for your company. A few steps can be taken to ensure the party you plan will be a success and will celebrate the working life of the retiree. Take a look at some of the best retirement party themes article we have.

Creating an Invitation
Most retirement parties are meant solely for coworkers and company events making invitations quick and easy. Other than a few immediate family members of the guest of honor, only employees will attend. Because of this, the invitations can easily be sent through company email. Hand written invitations are a nice touch for the family members who are invited to attend.

If you send paper invitations you can contact the guest of honor’s family and the HR department and get photographs depicting their years with the company and create your own invitations. A few simply placed pictures and wording will make the perfect invitation to send to all of their friends and coworkers. With a retirement party it is a good idea to have the guests RSVP their attendance to know how much food and drinks you will need.

The Decorations
For a Through the Years themed party, pictures should be an important part of the decor. You can use the pictures gathered for the invitation for your decorations. These pictures can be enlarged and used as posters throughout the party location. Small pictures can be used as place settings on each individual table or framed and placed throughout the party for nostalgias sake. The pictures will also spark conversations among the party goers about the guest of honor’s time with the company. These photographs can also be taken as mementos

You can also consider making a Through the Years DVD documenting their journey with the company. Having the photographs set to music and playing in the background will give everyone a walk down memory lane and can also be given to the retiree to remember his or her time with the company. The important thing to remember with your decorations is you are celebrating your coworker’s life with the company and they should be kept the center of attention with the decorations.

The Menu
Planning the menu for a Through The Years retirement party can be a simple task. Variety is usually the best route to take. You must take into consideration some of the special foods the retiree loves. Since a retirement party is a time for celebration and remembering, keep to finger foods which are easily eaten while socializing.

Party trays of finger sandwiches you get from your local store are perfect. For ease in setting the stage buy premade party trays and place them on your platters for a personal touch. Purchase cheese and crackers and place them on platters throughout the space. Create an atmosphere when people are walking around enjoying their time talking to everyone remembering the working life of the guest of honor.

A nice retirement party is a great way to honor an employee. Send your coworker off in style with the perfectly themed party.

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