Tips on Creating a Special Maid of Honor Speech

The maid of honor speech is a traditional speech that is geared towards the bride. If you have been chosen as the maid of honor, you will want to prepare for your wedding speech early. This will give you time to create a wedding toast that will share how you feel about the bride. Convey to everyone in the room the type of person she is deep down inside by simply choosing the right words to express her personality.

This traditional wedding speech is one of the most anticipated at the wedding reception. The maid of honor speech is one that needs to be as flawless as possible. Why? You do not want to say something that will embarrass the bride, even if it is unintentional. If you try to “wing it,” you could say something that you will regret. It is likely that your maid of honor speech will be recorded and will be viewed over and over again. Make sure you say something that you will want the bride, her family, and friends to see over and over again.

Wedding Speeches – Basic Format for a Maid of Honor Speech
– Tell the guests who you are, how you and the bride met, and how long you have known each other.
– Start off by expressing your heartfelt feelings about your special relationship with the bride. Add something humorous about your relationship.
– Express to the guests how wonderful she is as a person inside and out. Share a story that shows her personality.
– Remind the groom how lucky he is to have her in his life.
– Address the parents. Tell the parents how great they did at raising her and express how proud they must be of her.
– End it with a toast to the bride and groom and wish them well in their new life together.

More Topics you can include in your Maid of Honor Speech

You do not want to make your wedding toast too long. However, if you feel you have run short with ideas in the above format, then try including some of these ideas into your maid of honor speech outline.

Give a little insight to the guests about how the bride felt the minute she knew she was in love with the groom. Try to make it light and express her excitement.

Talk a little about the wedding ceremony. Find a famous inspirational quote about marriage, love, or the future.

Create or find a poem and dedicate to the couple.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Maid of Honor Speech

Don’t stress. While your speech is important, if you prepare well in advance, you will be able to practice as many times as you need to.

Don’t make the speech too long. There will be other wedding toasts that still need to be heard. Bring notes to help keep you on track to prevent babbling.

Don’t tell stories that are too personal. You may want to run a story by someone else to get their opinion on if this particular story will be too embarrassing. You are looking at the story from a personal view. The bride may not want others knowing this particular piece of information.

Do be positive. Keep any negative or depressing topics out.

Do choose heartfelt words to describe the bride, such as: loving, caring, generous, beautiful, funny, etc.

Do practice your speech in front of other people to get their opinion.

Do practice over and over again. The more you practice your final draft, the more at ease you will be when you have to deliver it.

You have been selected out of all the guests to honor the bride. Take this seriously and let the bride know how special she is to you by creating a maid of honor speech that will make her day even more memorable.

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