Transform Your Home Into Never-land Tinkerbell Party

When children are young, nothing seems more important to them than their birthdays. They want to get amazing presents and have wonderful parties. You might be on your own with the presents, but we can help you throw a wonderful Tinkerbell party. We have come up with the top Tinkerbell party ideas, so you will be able to throw your child the party she has dreamed of having.

Tinkerbell Invitations

Every good party starts with fantastic invitations. While you could just go to the store and purchase invitations, that would take away the fun. Instead, print out a map of Neverland. Then, write out the directions to Peter Pan and Tinkerbell’s magical home. These directions will really be to your house, but your young party guests will think they are actually going to visit Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Additionally, you will need to include all of the other party details. Be sure to tell the kids what to wear, how long the party will be, and if they should bring anything. Finally, sprinkle some gold glitter in the invitation to simulate pixie dust. Then, you will be ready to mail your invitations out to the guests.

After you finish up with the invitations, you need to start thinking about the cake. The easiest thing to do is to purchase a cake kit. While there are several options for cake kits, the ones with the edible backgrounds are among the best. When you choose this type of kit, you can purchase a quarter sheet cake from the store, and place the background on top of the cake. It will look as if the cake was specially designed for the party, and the guests can chow down. You’ll look like a culinary wiz, and no one will have to know that you used an edible background.
Tinkerbell Decorations

Next, you have to decide on some decorations. Your child is going to expect you to turn your home into Neverland, and you don’t want to disappoint her. First, get some Tinkerbell pull and peel wall decals. You can stick these up on all of the empty walls in your home. This will immediately transform your house into Neverland.

Next, put up glow in the dark stars on the ceilings, and put butterflies around the house. After you do that, put some Tinkerbell balloons around the house.

After you set up the balloons, put a “Tinkerbell cage” in one room of your house. This cage should be large enough for your guests to enter. You don’t have to go out and purchase a cage. You can make one with cardboard, wood or other household items. The kids will be able to use their imaginations and pretend it’s a cage, so don’t worry about what it looks like.

Finally, sprinkle some pixie dust around the house. That way, the kids will think that Tinkerbell has been there.

These Tinkerbell party ideas will help you get the ball rolling. You can plan the party of your child’s dreams, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money or time on the process. Best of all, you won’t have to spend any more time on the internet looking for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell party ideas. All you need to do now is start the planning process.

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