Tween Birthday Party Ideas – Throw a Memorable Party for Your Pre-teen

The years go by quickly. You can still remember teaching your child how to ride a bike, and now she is about to turn into a teenager. You know you can’t keep her as a child forever, but you can create great memories during her youth. One of the best ways to create memories is to throw an amazing birthday party. With that in mind, we have come up with some tween birthday party ideas. These party ideas will help you create memories that will last a lifetime, so you will always be able to look back at your child’s youth fondly.

Tween Birthday Party Invitations
When your child was younger, you could find cute store bought invitations with some of her favorite characters on them. Now, though, your child is growing up, so you need to do something more creative. Consider sending out a customizable e-card. These cards can be fun, hip or funny. They can also be interactive. Consider using a site like Jib Jap to create an interactive video invitation. Your child will love it, and you can hang on to it forever. Then, you will always be able to remember your child’s special tween birthday party.

Tween Birthday Party Activities
Once you come up with the invitations, you will need to choose some fun activities. Again, you will want to select memorable activities. Additionally, you need to make sure everyone has fun. You can accomplish both of these goals by having a prize auction. Have everyone bring something to the party, or go around your house and find some items that are still in great shape. Wrap everything up. Then, get some monopoly money and give everyone $20 in one dollar bills. Hold an auction. Everyone can bid on the items, but they can’t unwrap them until they purchase them at the auction. This will be a lot of fun, and your child will love the creativity that went into it.

Next, you can have a murder mystery event. You can purchase a murder mystery kit, and then give everyone a role. They will have to figure out who committed the crime. This is a lot of fun, and gives the kids a chance to tap into their creative side. Best of all, you will be able to snap lots of fun pictures during this activity.
Tween Birthday Party Favors

Next, you need to pick up some party favors. There are lots of options for party favors. Some of the best are:

Movie tickets
Posters of a popular movie star or singer
Itunes gift cards
Celebrity magazines
Celebrity memorabilia

Tweens are usually getting their first taste of pop culture, and they can’t get enough. Use that to your advantage when you come up with party favors.

Now you have some tween birthday party ideas that you can use to create the perfect bash. Before you know it, you will have the party set up and sit back while your child has the time of her life.

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