Unique Party Ideas for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a special event and one that deserves great attention. You may be planning a party for a small group of friends, a mix of people, a family or maybe teens. Whoever is on your guest lists, the following should get your juices flowing when trying to pick a great idea for a New Year’s Eve party theme.

Black and White Party
A black and white themed party will be just that, black and white. It’s usually a more formal idea and allows for guests to get dressed up. But, you can keep it casual too and keep strict rules too. It’s part of the fun and challenge to keep it black and white.

Things to include:

Black and white invitations
Black and white balloons
Black and white attire only
Black and white noise makers
Black and white streamers

Black and white food: Oreos, black cappuccino ice cream, black cake, black bean chips, white cake, vanilla ice cream, sugar powdered cookies – get creative! To spice up this black and white party (because nothing is ever black and white), throw in just one color like red. Place a little splash of red here and there.
Ring Out the Old, Bring in the New!

Pick an era, decade, or year and follow through with that theme. For example the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s etc. Other ideas might include knights and damsels, Victorian elegance or vaudeville acts. Research your choice and send out invitations asking guests to bring items reflective of the time and have them come in costume as well.

Add as much flavor as you can. Try going to a costume store. Costume stores are very popular at New Year’s, so you should have no problem finding props and decorations for the time period you choose. You can also print out some pictures from the era you choose and frame them and post them up on the walls. Try printing on colored paper to give the photographs as aged effect.

Vintage shops are also a great place to find clothing and accessories for a party like this. If you can’t decide on one era, then tell each guest to come dressed in their era of choice. It will make for a very interesting and colorful group!
Family New Year’s

Think games! A party centered around classic board games is a lot of fun for all age groups. Great places to get games are thrift shops. You may find games you used to love, but forgot about and can show your children what you used to play as a child. Games like Chess, Dominos, Candy Land, Scrabble, Twister and more.

You can have separate tables with different games going on and have players switch tables every ten minutes. Food for a night like this can be a lot of fun. There are candies available that are crafted with Checkers Candy Molds. There are Pepperidge farm Chessman cookies and even Candy Land style candies. Popcorn, movies, notepads and pens are some extras for this easy going, fun get together.

Whatever you choose, make sure there is plenty of champagne to ring in the New Year. Enjoy yourself and stay true to those

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